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Start of fiche 273:- The west side of Brick Lane, from No 115 to the corner of Quaker Street, both sides of Quaker Street to the corner of Wheeler Street, Quaker Street Buildings, Hope Street, Grey Eagle Street, Jeffrey’s Court, the east side of Wheeler Street, from the Bethnal Green end to the corner of Great Pearl Street with Brick Lane???? ??? Court, Harrison’s Court, New Square, and ???

Brick Lane 97 99 uninhabited 101 103 105 107 109 111
113 115

Quaker Street Buildings

Page 162 of fiche 273:- West side of Brick Lane from Quaker Street to the north east corner of Fashion Street with all houses comprised of Moss & Hanbury’s Brewery. Both sides of Hanbury Street from Brick Lane to Wood Street and John Street with the Weaver’s Arms Tavern. Both sides of Princes Street, the east side of Wood Street from No 10 (Mr Abrahams) to the Mission House, both sides of Church Street with the Ten Bells Tavern, the east side of Commercial Street from Church Street to Fashion Street, and the north side of Fashion Street with Harriott’s Place and Union Court.

Brick Lane
41 The George & Guy Public House - Landlord Robert Moss, Licensed Victualler
43 Grocer 45 47 Haberdasher & Tailor
School House
49 Seven Stars Public House - Landlord George Walter, Licensed Victualler
51 Tailor or Cabinet Maker 53 Carman or Confectioner 55 uninhabited
57 Grocer 59 Lodging House 61 Restaurant Keeper Coffee 63 Grocer???
65 Tailor or Butcher 67 Picture Frame Maker
69 Laurel Tree Public House - Landlord John Ash, Licensed Victualler
71 73 75 Surgical Practice - William P. Guber, Surgeon
77 Hairdresser 79 Beer Shop - Landlord John Mills, Beer House Keeper
81 83 Restaurant Keeper Coffee 85 Furrier/Tailor/Cabinet Maker
87 Tailor 89 Cabinet Maker/Tailor/Boot Maker
Brewery – Brick Lane – Henry M.B. Handy, Practical Brewer
Brewery – Brick Lane -

Hanbury Street

Page 228 of fiche 273:- The east side of Commercial Street from Fashion Street to Wentworth Street, the south side of Fashion Street, with New Court, Fashion Court, Rosemary Court and Nelson Court, the west side of Brick Lane from Fashion Street to Wentworth Street, with Flower & Dean Street and Dales Place, Thrawl Street, George Street, and George Court, the north side of Wentworth Street from Brick Lane to George Street – Including 1750 lodgers in several registered common lodging houses within the area
(Excluding Lolesworth Buildings, Rothschild Building & Stafford House)

Commercial Street
Fashion Street
New Court
Fashion Court
Rosemary Court
Nelson Court

Brick Lane
39 The Three Cranes Public House – Landlord John Cann, Licensed Victualler.
37 & 35 Something Foundation shop 33 Marine Store Dealership – Rag Merchant
31 Butcher 29 Hairdresser 27 (See 57 Flower & Dean Street for lodging House) 25 Confectioner 23 Fishmonger 21 Provision shop
19a Lodging House (With which is included No 5 Flower & Dean Street)
19 Boot Making Shop 17 Haberdasher's shop 15 General Dealer
13 Frying Pan Public House – Landlord Samuel Bass, Publican's Manager
11a Barber's shop 11 Greengrocer 9 Coffee Shop 7

Flower & Dean Street

Brick Lane, Lodging House, John Cooney.

Brick Lane 140

Newmans Buildings, Pelham St

Brick Lane 138 136 134 132 130 128 126 124

Hanbury St

Brick Lane 144 142

Page 46 of fiche 276:- From and including No 120 Brick Lane on the north, along Brick Lane to the corner of Booth Street, along the north side of Booth Street as far as No 39 and No 20 to 28 on the south side, along Spelman St on the East side commencing at No 46 Spelman St and on the west side Nos 35,33,31 & 29 to the corner of Heneage St along Heneage St on the north side as far as No 41 and on the south side to No 50, along the east side of Spelman St taking John's Court Nos 4,5,6,7,8,9 & 10, Boundary Court and Spelman St on the West side to the corner of Heneage St.

Brick Lane 120 118 116 114 112 110 108

Booth St

Page 120 of fiche 276:- Bounded on the north by Booth St, on the east by Spelman St, on the south by Chicksand St and on the north-west by Brick Lane. Taking Heneage St, both sides with Adelaide Place, to the corner of Brick Lane, along Brick Lane to the north as far as No 88 and to the south on the north-east side as far as No 44.

Brick Lane 44 46 48 50 52 54 56 58 64

Heneage St

Brick Lane 66 68 uninhabited 70 72 74 Coffee House Keeper
76 78 80 82 84 86 & 88 uninhabited

Page 146 of fiche 276:- From and including No 42 Brick Lane to the corner of Osborn Place, along Osborn Place taking both sides to Chicksand Street, including Osborn Court, along Chicksand Street taking both sides as far as No 31 on the north side and as far as No 32 on the south side and including Helena Terrace, along Little Halifax St, Little John St and Spelman St taking both sides to the corners of Finch St.

Brick Lane 42 40 Public House – Landlord William H. Croft, Licensed Victualler.

Osborn Place

Page 182 of fiche 276:- From and including No 38 Brick Lane to the corner of Old Montague St, taking ?????? Court along the north side of Old Montague St, taking in Frostic Place, to No 37, along west side of Hope St into Finch St, south side of Finch St as far as Brick Lane, cross to north side of Finch St back to Ely Place taking in Luntley Place.

Brick Lane 38 36 34 32 30 28 26 24 22

Dowson's Place ????

Brick Lane 18 16 14 uninhabited 12 10 8 6 4

Old Montague St