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Buxton Street, Bethnal Green


Administrative County of: London,
Civil Parish: Bethnal Green
District of:
Ecclesiastical Parish or District: St. Matthews
Microfiche RG12/265

7 Buxton Street - Page 58

332 1 Israel Baws H M 38 M Cabinet Maker Er Russia, Poland  
    Mary do W M 38 F     do, do  
    Abraham do So S 18 M do Ed London, Whitechapel  
    David Baws So S 16 M Art Decorator Ed London, Whitechapel  
    Rachel do Da   13 F     do, Spitalfields  
    Betsy do do   11 F     do, B. Green  
    Fanny do do   9 F     do, do  
    Samuel do So   7 M     do, do  
    Lizzie do Da   4 F     do, do  
    Thomas do So   2 M     do, do  
    Morris do do   8mo M     do, do  
    Leah Rodofsky Lo M 21 F Tailoress Ed Russia, Poland  

11 Buxton Street - Page 59.

333 1 James Woolf H Wi 48 M Wood Carver Ed London, Whitechapel  
    James do So M 20 M Barman Ed do, B. Green  
    Joseph B. do So S 18 M do Ed do, do  
    Esther L. do Dl M 19 F     do, do  
    James C. McCarthy H M 29 M Wood Carver Ed do, Whitechapel  
    Elizabeth do W M 25 F     do, B. Green  
    Callaghan do So   6 M     do, do  
    Joseph W. do do   4 M     do, do  
    Elizabeth E. do Da   2 F     do, do  

9 Buxton Street

334 1 Joseph Goldberg H M 55 M Tailor Ed Russia, Poland  
    Rachel do W M 44 F     do, do  
    Rebecca do Da S 19 F Tailoress Ed do, do  
    Morris do So   16 M Tailor Ed do, do  
    Barend do do   14 M     do, do  
    Kate do Da   11 F     do, do  
    Abraham do So   7 M     do, do  
    Fanny do Da   4 F     do, do  
    Harris Simon Lo M 30 M do Ed do, do  
    Jacob Hertike do S 18 M do Ed do, do  
335   Solomon Fink H M 30 M Machiner Ed do, do, Serokto  
    Rebecca do W M 31 F     do, do, do  
    Kate do Da   10 F     do, do, do  
    Golda Fink Da   8 F     Russia, Poland  
    Minnie do do   6 F     do, do  
    Samuel do So   2 M     do, do  
    Abraham do do   11mo M     do, do  

7 Buxton Street - Page 60.

336 1 Daniel Murphy H M 65 M Basket Maker Ed Ireland, Cork  
    Caroline do W M 55 F     London, St. George's E.  
    Daniel do So S 27 M do Ed do, Spitalfields  
    William do do S 25 M Mill Sawyer Ed do, do  
    Catherine do Da S 17 F Tailor Ed do, B. Green  
    Geoffrey do So   14 M Boy Glass Blowing Ed do, Spitalfields  
    Caroline do Da   10 F     do, Whitechapel  

5 Buxton Street

337 1 William Skinner H M 42 M Warehouse Keeper Ed London, B. Green  
    Sarah do W M 42 F     do, Hackney  
    William do So S 22 M Warehouse Man Ed do, B. Green  
    James do do S 21 M Boot Finisher Ed do, do  
    Lizzie do Da S 19 F     do, do  
    Frederick do So S 17 M General Dealer Ne do, do  
    Joseph do do   15 M Van Boy Ed do, do  
    Sarah do Da   14 F     do, do  
    Alice do do   12 F     do, do  
    Sidney do So   9 M     do, do  
    Martha do Da   7 F     do, do  
    Arthur do So   5 M     do, do  
    Hannah do Da   3 F     do, do  
    Maud do do   1 F     do, do  

3 Buxton Street

338 1 William Gibbons H M 65 M Boot Maker Er Kent, Greenwich  
    Louisa do Da S 28 F Boot Machinist Ed London, B. Green  
    Florence Murrell Gd   11 F Scholar   do, do  
339   Sarah Brmerod H Wi 43 F Curler Ed do, Shoreditch  
    Alfred G. do So S 19 M Printer Ed do, B. Green  
    Sarah do Da   16 F Trimming Maker Ed do, do  
    Alice Brmerod Da   7 F Scholar   London, B. Green  
340   James Jones H Wi 60 M Tailor Ed Ireland, Cork  
    Ann Smith Si M 38 F Tailoress Ed do, do  

This is the end of the census data for Buxton Street.

The microfiche continues here with 154 Brick Lane on page 61.