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Commercial St

Page 98 of fiche 280:- The east side of Middlesex Street, From Wentworth Street to the High Street, the north side of the High Street from Middlesex Street to Commercial Street, both sides of Commercial Street, from the High Street to Wentworth Street, Castle Alley, Kent & Essex Yard, and Toynbee Hall.

Commercial Street 1 Bank 3 Flour Factory 5 Something to do with a Mill 7 Coffee House 9 Leather seller 11 uninhabited 13 Grocer
15 Boot Manufacturer 17 Hairdresser's 19 Milliner 21 Veterinery Surgeon 23 Leather Cutter or Cobbler's shop 25 to 37 uninhabited
42 Public House - Landlord Elizabeth M Cruse, Publican 38 to 30 uninhabited
Toynbee Hall
26 The Vicarage of St. Judes - David T Bartholomew, Underwriter & Shipowner
St. Jude's School House
24 Tobacconist 22 Wholesale Clothier 20 Butcher's shop
18 Bookseller & Stationer 16 14 Grocer's Shop (Fruiterer)
12 to 2 Draper’s shop (Sweat shop – dozen’s of workers here.

Kent & Essex Yard

Page 120 of fiche 280:- The North side of the High Street, from Commercial Street to Osborn Street, the whole of Tewksbury Buildings, Spread Eagle Yard, George Yard, including lodging houses, George Yard Buildings, St George's House and the George's Residence for Girls.

Page 124 of fiche 273:- The Bedford Institute at the corner of Quaker Street, the west side of Wheeler Street to the corner of Commercial Street, and Commercial Street to St Stephen’s Vicarage. The north east side of Commercial Street from and including the corner of Great Pearl Street (the Mustard Mills) to the North West Corner of Hanbury Street with Vine Court. The north side of Hanbury Street to John Street including the Brace shop with Corbet’s Court, New Court and Benet’s Place (the south side of Hanbury Street from Wood Street to Commercial Street with Beck’s Yard. The east side of Commercial Street from Hanbury Street to but not including the Ten Bells Tavern, with Red Lion Court, and the west side of Wood Street Nos 26 to 11)

Commercial Street
142 Public House - Landlord William Clamson, Publican 144 Pork Butcher
146 Coffee House Keeper 148 & 150 uninhabited St Stephen’s Vicarage
138 & 140 - something about Mustard Mills
136 Public House - Landlord George Peach, Bar Manager 134 uninhabited

Vine Court

Commercial Street 126, 122, 120, 118, 116, 114

Corbett’s Court

Commercial Street
110 Golden Heart Public House - Landlord Alfred Allard, Manager of Licensed Premises. 108 106 Wheelwright 104 Potato Salesman Grocer
102 Confectioner 100 Manager of Coffee House 98 Fishmonger
96 Potato Salesman Grocer 94 Coffee House Manager
92 Red Lion Public House - Landlord John William Destlaw, Beer & Wine House Keeper

Red Lion Court

Commercial Street 90 uninhabited 88 uninhabited 86 Fruiterer

Wood Street

Page 162 of fiche 273:- West side of Brick Lane from Quaker Street to the north east corner of Fashion Street with all houses comprised of Moss & Hanbury’s Brewery. Both sides of Hanbury Street from Brick Lane to Wood Street and John Street with the Weaver’s Arms Tavern. Both sides of Princes Street, the east side of Wood Street from No 10 (Mr Abrahams) to the Mission House, both sides of Church Street with the Ten Bells Tavern, the east side of Commercial Street from Church Street to Fashion Street, and the north side of Fashion Street with Harriott’s Place and Union Court.

Church Street 1 Rectory 2 3 4 5
6 Working Boys Home 7 8 9 10 to 13 Warehouses – uninhabited
14 Wesleyan Church – uninhabited 15 16 16a
18 Clergy House – Harry R. Hall and Herbert M. Maynard, Curates 19 20
21 London Dispensary 22 23 24 25 26 26a 27 28
29 30 31
33 Ten Bells Public House – Landlord Alfred H Grainger, Manager

Commercial Street
74 Queen's Head Public House – Landlord Morris J Myers, Licensed Victualler
76 Baker 78 Tobacconist & General Dealer 80 Fruiterer 82 Coffee House

Page 228 of fiche 273:- The east side of Commercial Street from Fashion Street to Wentworth Street, the south side of Fashion Street, with New Court, Fashion Court, Rosemary Court and Nelson Court, the west side of Brick Lane from Fashion Street to Wentworth Street, with Flower & Dean Street and Dales Place, Thrawl Street, George Street, and George Court, the north side of Wentworth Street from Brick Lane to George Street – Including 1750 lodgers in several registered common lodging houses within the area
(Excluding Lolesworth Buildings, Rothschild Building & Stafford House)

Commercial Street 72 70 68 uninhabited Lamp warehouse
66 uninhabited Leather warehouse 64 uninhabited Clothes warehouse
62 uninhabited Boot warehouse 60 uninhabited Boot warehouse
58,56,54 being pulled down 52 uninhabited Lamp warehouse 50

Fashion Street

Page 84 of fiche 274:- The west side of Commercial Street from Shephard Street to Wentworth Street, with Alexandra Buildings, Jews Orphan School, Ann's Place, south side of Tilley Street (excluding yard, Cow Shed Buildings in the south west corner) the east side of Shephard Street, with Shephard's Buildings & Hasting point

Shephard Street Buildings

Commercial Street 79 77 75 73 71 69 65 63 61
59 57 55 Confectioner 53 51 Watch Maker 49 Grocer 45
Infant School 28

Alexandra Buildings

Page 204 of fiche 274:- Both side of Tenter Street, with Tenter Court, south side of White's Row (From Tenter Street to Bell Lane) and the north side of White's Row, from Crispin Street to Commercial Street. The west side of Commercial Street from White's Row to Dorset Street & the south side of Dorset Street from Commercial Street to Crispin Street (Except Crossingham's Registered Lodging House)
200 lodgers in Registered Common Lodging Houses

Commercial Street 81 83 & 85 uninhabited

Dorset Street

Page 244 of fiche 274:- The east side of Crispin Street (From Brushfield Street to White's Row) The north side of Dorset Street with Little Paternoster Row, New Court, Miller's Court, The west side of Commercial Street (From Dorset Street to Brushfield Street) and the south side of Brushfield Street from Commercial Street to Crispin Street.
230 lodgers in Registered Common Lodging Houses.

Commercial Street
87 The Britannia Public House – Landlord Matilda Ringer, Widow, Beer Retailer
89 Fruiterer 91 Corn Dealer 93 95 Butcher 97 uninhabited 99
101 Lodging House

Brushfield Street

Commercial Street 103 105 Potato Salesman 107 109,111,113 uninhabited

Lamb Street

Commercial Street 119 uninhabited 121 123 125 uninhabited 127
129, 131 uninhabited 133

White Lion Street

Commercial Street 139 141 143 Sign & Glass Writer 147 Fur Dealer
149 151 153 Fruiterer 155 Dairyman

Peabody Buildings, Commercial Street
Peabody Buildings, White Lion Street

Commercial Street 145

Page 24 of fiche 275:- Commercial St Police Station, the warehouses of Mr F Box in Fleur de Lis St and Mr Biggs and the Tea Company's premises on the West side of Commercial St. The north side of White Lion St from and including Mr Foreman's house and to and including Mr Russell's house. The south side of White Lion St from and including Jobs Cartle Public House to Wheler St. The west side of Wheler St with Chapel St to Lamb St. The North side of Lamb St to Church Passage and the east side of Church Passage Nos 1 to 5 inclusive on the south side of Lamb St. The west side of Crispin St, (excluding the refuge) the north side of Brushfield St from Crispin St to and including No 37 and the south side of Brushfield St from and including No 44 to the corner of Crispin St.