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Harriott Place, Whitechapel - Administrative County of: London, Civil Parish: Christ Church, District of Whitechapel, Ecclesiastical Parish or District: Christ Church, RG12/273.

1 Harriott Place - Page 221

324 1 Jacob Markolovitch H M 32 M Tailor Ed Russia  
    Sarah do W M 30 F     do  
    Asher do So S 7 M     London, Mile End  
    Morris do So S 2 M     do, do  
    Hannah do Da S 4 F     Boston, America  
    Charley Vanchynstey Bo M 33 M Bootmaker Ed Russia  
    Morris do do S 19 M do Ed do  

2 Harriott Place

325 1 Israel White H M 28 M Boot Finisher Ed Russia  
    Lydia do W M 27 F     do  
    Hyam do So S 6 M     London, Spitalfields  
    Anne do Da S 4 F     do, do  
    Lydia do Da S 1m F     do, do  
    Israel Marks Bo S 24 M Machinist Ed Russia  

3 Harriott Place

326 1 Abraham Cohen H M 39 M Glazier Ed Russia  
    Fanny do W M 41 F     do  
    Simon Cohen So S 15 M Boot Heeler Ed Russia  
    Israel do So S 13 M     do  
    Jacob do So S 5 M     London, Spitalfields  
    Morris do So S 3 M     do, do  
    Louis do So S 10m M     do, do  

4 Harriott Place - Page 222

327 1 William Paice H M 32 M Gen Dealer Shop Ne London, Islington  
    Sarah Price W M 26 F     do, Spitalfields  
    Eleazor do So S 6 M     do, Shoreditch  
    Lizzie do Da S 4 F     do, do  
    Raynor do Da S 2 F     do, do  
    Bridget Dillon Se S 60 F Gen Servant Ed Ireland  

5 Harriott Place

328 1 John Mallows H M 40 M Bricklayer   London, Shoreditch  
    Margaret do W M 39 F     do, do  
    Maria E. do Da S 13 F     Woolwich, S.E.  
    Henry J. do So S 11M     London, Spitalfields  
    Esther do Da S 7 F     do, Bishopsgate  

6 Harriott Place

329 1 Sarah Rayner H Wi 68 F Mission Hall Caretaker Ed Portsmouth, Hants  
    Charles do So S 25 M Student of Theology   London, Spitalfields  
    Thomas do So S 22 M Clerk, CC Ed do, do  

7 Harriott Place

330 1 Joseph Glousch H M 26 M Tailor Ed Russia, Poland  
    Rebecca do W M 27 F Presser Ed do, do  
    Harris do So S 2 M     London, Spitalfields  
    Dora do Da S 2w F     do, do  
    Betsy Jacobs Si S 18 F Tailoress Ed Russia, Poland  

8 Harriott Place

331 1 Woolf Minski H M 32 M Tailor Ed Russia  
    Dinah do W M 30 F     do  
    Simon do So S 6 M     do  
    Morris do Br S 19 M Boot Finisher Ed do  

Union Court, off Fashion Street, Whitechapel, appears here, starting at No 1