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John Street, Spitalfields - Part of the Civil Parish of Christ Church, administrative county of London,  district of Whitechapel. Spitalfields ward.  Ecclesiastical Parish or District: of Christ Church, RG12/273.

9 John Street - Page 62

1 1 Ernest J Cotrell H M 29 M Veterinery Surgeon Ed Essex, Wakering  
    Martha E. do W M 25 F     Middlesex, Stepney  
    Harry J. do Br S 21 M Butcher's Assistant Ed Essex, Wakering  
    Ethel M Matheson Se S 15 F Gerneral Servant Dom   Middlesex, Stepney  

10 John Street

2 1 James Stone H M 36 M Cooper Ed Somerset, Nevelercombe  
    Isabella Stone W M 30 F     London, Mile End New Town  
3   Arthur Simmonds H M 31 M Gas Fitter Ed do, East Ham  
    Mary A. do W M 24 F     do, Poplar  

11 John Street

4 1 John C. Picking H M 54 M Coppersmith Ed London, Bloomsbury  
    Mary A. do W M 57 F     do, Bethnal Green  
    Mary E. Duckering Ni S 26 F     do, do  
5   Edward J. Picking H M 32 M Hatter   do, do  
    Joseph E. do So S 12 M Scholar   do, Bow  

12 John Street

6 1 William Free H M 54 M Foreman at Brewery Ed Essex, Hadstock  
    Emma do W M 49 F     Suffolk, Hardester  
    Elizabeth do Da S 29 F Cook, Domestic   London, Bethnal Green  
    Charles do So S 27 M Labourer   do, do  
    William do So S 22 M Cellarman Ed do, do  
    Ann do Da S 20 F Feather Curler Ed do, do  
    Robert do So S 13 M Scholar   do, do  
    Edward do So S 9 M do  do, do  
    Thomas Richards Vi S 26 M Army Reserve Ed do, do  
7   Thomas McFaydon H M 22 M Cabinet Maker Ed do, do  
    Esther do W M 22 F Cigar Maker Ed do, Spitalfields  

End of the ecclesiastical district of Christ Church

Ecclesiastical Parish or District of St Stephen's

2 John Street - Page 63

8 1 Mary A. Trigg H Wi 78 F Corset Maker Ne London, Spitalfields  
    Lydia Salter Da Wi 49 F Corset Maker Ne do, do  
    Frederick Salter Gs S 12 M Scholar   do, do  
    Lucy Salter Gd S 8 F do   do, do  
9   Samuel Lescombe H M 48 M Salesman Ne do, Bethnal Green  
    Hannah do W M 46 F   do, Spitalfields  
    Mary do Da S 19 F Cigar Maker Ed do, do  
    Charles do So S 17 M Van Boy Ed do, do  
    Arthur do So S 12 M Scholar  do, do  
10   John Grout H M 73 M Waste Paper Dealer Ne do, Lambeth  
    Emma do W M 73 F   do, do  
11   John Whale H M 56 M Shoemaker Ed do, Spitalfields  
    Eliza do W M 51 F   do, Blackfriars  
    Eliza do Da M 24 F   do, Bethnal Green  
    John do So S 16 M Labourer Ed do, do  
    Ada do Da S 10 F Scholar  do, do  
    Liley do Da S 6 F Scholar  do, do  
    John Jeffrey's Gs S M   Perth, Selling  
    Charles do Gs S 2m M   London, Spitalfields  
12   Mary A. Mullins H Wi 76 F Needlewoman Ed do, do  
13   Annie Powell H Wi 40 F Tailoress Ed do, Bethnal Green  
    Annie do Da S 18 F Milliner Ed do, do  
    Ellen do Da S 15 F Corset Maker Ed do, do  

3 John Street

14 1 Rebecca Oxley H Wi 56 F Box Maker Ed London, Spitalfields  
    Eliza Withers Vi S 40 F Charwoman Ed do, do  
15   Richard Payne H M 46 M Beer House Keeper's Assistant Ed do, do  
    Mary A. do W M 40 F Rag Sorter Ed do, do  
16   Frederick Raynor H M 30 M Waterside Labourer Ed do, do  
    Hannah do W M 24 F     do, do  
    Hannah do Da S 5 F     do, do  
    Frederick do So S 1 M     do, do  
    "Baby" Raynor So S 2w M   do, do  
17   William T. Brandley H M 35 M Upholsterer Ed do, Bethnal Green  
    Jane do W M 33 F   do, do  
    Jane A. do Da S 5 F Scholar  do, Spitalfields  
    Florence B. do Da S 2 F   do, do  
    George Edwards Bo S 36 M Tin Plate Worker Ed do, do  
    Samuel A. Edwards do Wi 37 M Tin Plate Worker Ed do, Bethnal Green  
18   Thomas Hurch H M 73 M General Dealer, Shop Ne do, Spitalfields  
    Caroline do W M 71 F   do, Shoreditch  
19   Henry W. Harris H M 30 M Agricultural Labourer Ed do, Bethnal Green  
    Rowina do W M 23 F   Hampshire, Hythe  
    Henry W. do So S 8 M Scholar  London, Bethnal Green  

4 John Street - Page 64

20 1 Elizabeth Charter H Wi 61 F Laundry Woman Ed Oxford, St Giles  
    William J. do So S 24 M Porter Ed London, St Luke's  
21   Elizabeth Robson H Wi 57 F Laundress Ed do, Bethnal Green  
    George Robson So S 30 M Labourer Ed do, Spitalfields  
    John do So S 19 M Labourer Ed do, do  
    Barret Dettmar Ad S 12 F Scholar  do, Shoreditch  
22   William Harris H M 29 M Carman Ed do, Spitalfields  
    Sarah do W M 28 F   do, do  
    William S. do So S 10 M Scholar  do, do  
    Isaac H. do So S 6 M do  do, do  
    John T. do So S 5 M do  do, do  
    Florence E. do Da S 9m F   do, do  
23   Harriett Connor H Wi 54 F Cartminder Ed do, Islington  
    Joseph Connor So S 26 M Market Porter Ed London, Spitalfields  
24   Edward Durant H M 53 M Fish Curer Ed Middlesex  
    Jane do W M 50 F     Wiltshire  
25   Harriett Reading H Wi 38 F Charwoman Ed Middlesex  
    Walter do So S 1 M     London, Spitalfield  
    Maud do Da   5 F     do, do  

5 John Street - Page 65

26 1 James Playle H M 31 M Carman Ed London, Spitalfields  
    Amelia do W M 32 F     do, do  
    Eliza do Da S 10 F Scholar   do, do  
    Matilda do Da S 8 F Scholar   do, do  
    James Millen Bo S 29 M Cigar Maker Ed do, do  
27   Elizabeth Cordell H Wi 79 F nil  do, do  
28   Henry Goodarm H M 36 M Carman Ed do, do  
    Ann do W M 40 F   do, do  
    James H. do So S 14 M Learning Shoemaking Ed do, Shoreditch  
    Joseph do So S 12 M Scholar  do, Spitalfields  
    Edward do So S 10 M do  do, do  
    John do So S 7 M do  do, do  
29   George Wilson H M 47 M Wool Sorter Ed do, Shoreditch  
    Emma do W M 40 F   Suffolk  
    Annie L. do Da S 20 F Office Cleaner Ed London, Islington  
    Henry G Glour Ss S 16 M Carman's Assistant Ed do, do  
    George Wilson So S 9 M Scholar  do, Spitalfields  
30   Benjamin Willett H M 50 M Porter Ed do, City Road  
    Kate do W M 32 F Washerwoman Ed do, Spitalfields  
    Albert do So S 3 M   do, Bethnal Green  
    Eliza do Da S 2 F   do, do  
    Walter do So S 10m M     do, do  
    William Willett So S 17 M Carman Ed do, City  

6 John Street

31 1 Edward Payne H M 43 M Basket Maker Ed Ireland, Cork  
    Norah do W M 40 F     do, do  
    Edward T. do So S 18 M Basket Maker Ed do, Clerkenwell  
    Dennis do So S 16 M Basket Maker Ed do, do  
    Mary A. do Da S 14 F Scholar   do, St Gile's  
    Norah do Da S 11 F do   do, St Giles  
    George do So S 4 M     do, Whitechapel  
32   John Mason H M 39 M Carman Ed do, Shoreditch  
    Elizabeth Mason W M 41 F nil  do, do  
33   William J. Flint H M 40 M Blacksmith Ed London, Spitalfields  
    Mary A. do W M 43 F   do, do  
    George J. do So S 15 M Machine Boy Ed do, do  
    Elizabeth do Da S 13 F Scholar  do, do  
    Ann do Da S 5 F do  do, do  
34   James Grand H M 41 M Iron Founder Ed do, do  
    Mary A. do W M 39 F   do, do  
    Roxette do Da S 10 F Scholar  do, do  
    Emily do Da S 7 F do  do, do  
    George do So S 7 M do  do, do  
    Robert do So S 3 M   do, do  

7 John Street - Page 66

35 1 William Mehrtens H M 49 M Labourer Ed London, Bethnal Green  
    Eliza do W M 39 F     Lincolnshire  
    William Soper Ss S 17 M Baker Ed London, Poplar  
    Martha do Sd S 15 F Scholar   do, do  
    Frederick Mehrtens So S 6 M Scholar   do, Spitalfields  
    George do So S 5 M     do, do  
36   James Thomas H M 68 M Clothes Cutter Ed Oxford, Whitney  
    Ellen do W M 57 F Tailoress Ed Kent, Deptford  
37   Charles Take H M 33 M Bricklayer Ed Surrey  
    Mary A. do W M 38 F   Surrey  
    John do So S 4 M   London, Spitalfields  
    Catharine do Da S 6 F Scholar  do, do  
38   William Edwards H M 44 M Mustard Maker Ed do, do  
    Elizabeth A. do W M 50 F   do, City  
    Louisa do Da S 15 F Learner at Sewing Machine Ed Heatrage  
    William do So S 13 M Scholar   London, Bethnal Green  
    Walter Rais Vi S 46 M Porter, Grocer's Ed London, City  

Wilkes Street, Spitalfields, appears here