London Census 1891 Transcription Blog


Mission Hall Court, Thrawl Street - Part of the Civil Parish of Christ Church, administrative county of London,  district of Whitechapel.  Ecclesiastical Parish or District: St Stephens, RG12/273.

1 Mission Hall Court, Thrawl Street

240 1 Alfred Ward H M 43 M Dock Labourer Ed London, St Pancras  
    Mary Ann do W M 32 F Machinist Ed do, do  
    William C. do So   6 M     do, do  
    Emma do Da   1 F     do, Whitechapel  

2 Mission Hall Court

241 1 Mark Golden H M 43 M Labourer Ed London, ??? Town  
    Amy do W M 40 F     do, St Pancras  
    Alice do Da   2 F     do, Clerkenwell  

3 Mission Hall Court

242 1 Charles Jean H M 50 M Boot Mkaer Ed Somerset  
    Mary Ann do W M 56 F     Gloucester  

4 Mission Hall Court

243 1 George Pope H M 46 M Shoe Maker Ed London, Bethnal Green  
    Sarah do W M 45 F     do, do  
    George do So S 24 M Splint Cutter Ed do, Whitechapel  
    John do So S 17 M do Ed do, do  
    Charles do So   11 M Scholar   do, Ratcliff  
    Elizabeth do Da   5 F do   do, Spitalfields  

Thrawl Street, Spitalfields, continues here at No 23