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Microfiche Summary RG12-235

This summary lists the streets and the contents of the divider pages indicating the boundaries of each section of microfiche RG12-235 of the City of London

Start of fiche 235 City of London

Page 2 of fiche 235:- Boundary on the north by Harrow Alley, east Middlesex St (part of), south, High St Aldgate, west by City Model Dwellings, and the East of London Railway.

Commencing at No 97 (late 52) Middlesex Street (right hand side) taking the whole of that street on the west side including Providence Place, Baker's Court (Now in course of rebuilding), Hutchinson St, Garden Court, Hutchinson Avenue, New St, Ellison St and Black Horse Yard, except premises belonging to houses in High St Aldgate.

Middlesex St
Black Horse Yard
Providence Place
Garden Court
Ellison St
Hutchinson St
James Buildings, Hutchinson St
Hutchinson Avenue

Page 52 of fiche 235:- Boundary, on the north by part of Bishopsgate Parish and Metropolitan Railway, east, part of Aldgate High St, south, part of Duke St and Bevis Marks, west by part of Bishopsgate Parish.

Commencing at No 105 Houndsditch (left hand side), taking both sides to No 54 (right hand side) and including Phils Buildings, Fleur de Lis Court, Cutler St, Borers Passage, Clothes Exchange (Clothes Market according to index), Dock Cos Premises, White St, Carter St, Exchange Buildings, Fire Ball Court, Stoney Lane (as far as Railway), Nags Head Court, Sadlers Hall Court, Gun Yard, Gravel Lane, and Hanover Court (omit Church Row), then take Duke St from the corner of Aldgate High St, right hand side only, as far as boundary mark, adjoining Bevis Marks, take Goring St, also 67 to 72 and 68 to73 St Mary Axe, finish at 54 Houndsditch.

Phils Buildings
Clothes Market uninhabited
Fleur de Lis Court
Old Clothes Exchange uninhabited
Cutler St
Borers Passage uninhabited
Exchange Buildings
Carter St
White St
City Clothes (Exhibition) uninhabited
Stoney Lane
Nags Head Court
Fire Ball Court
Gravel Lane
Sadlers Hall Court
Gravel Lane
Gun Square
Hanover Court uninhabited
Duke St
Goring St
St Mary Axe

Page 90 of fiche 235:- Boundary north, Dock Company's Premises, east, by houses in Middlesex St, south, by Gravel Lane and New St, west, by Metropolitan Railway, comprising part of Aldgate Parish.

Five blocks of dwellings belonging to the Corporation of City of London. A School for Scavengers employed by the Commisioners of Servers, and houses in Ropers Buildings and Harrow Alley.

North Block
Princes Block
Queens Block
Kings Block
South Block
Gravel Lane
Servers Depot
Harrow Alley
Ropers Buildings

Page 140 of fiche 235:- Boundary, north by Gravel Lane & Metropolitan Railway, east & south by Whitechapel, west by Holy Trinity & Minories and Whitechapel.

Commencing Aldgate High St at the corner of Duke St and continue that side to Middlesex St including Church Row, round to the corner of Houndsditch, Three Nuns Hotel, Metropolitan Railway Station, Crown Hall and Bull Inn Yard (Now called Aldgate Avenue) from Middlesex St cross to No 3, Mansell St, continue to No 3a, cross to the boundary mark on No 38 and taking in Little Somerset St & Court continue to Boundary mark, from there go to Boundary mark on No 47 Aldgate High St, continue to corner of Minories, including Harrow Alley, L & MN Railway Premises.

Aldgate High St
Church Row
Aldgate High St
Aldgate Railway Station
Crown Place
Aldgate High St
Aldgate Avenue (Was Bull Inn Yard)
Aldgate High St
Black Horse Yard uninhabited
Aldgate High St
Mansell St
Little Somerset St
Little Somerset Court
Mansell St
Aldgate High St
Harrow Alley
Aldgate High St

Page 174 of fiche 235:-
Boundary north Aldgate High St, east, Holy Trinity & Minories & Whitechapel???, south, Tower Hill, west, Tower Hill (part of), Fenchurch Street Railway, Crutched Friars & part of Jewry St.

Contents: comprising part of Aldgate parish, commencing at No 1 Minories, continue to No 24, then omit all till No 41 in ???????, take that and continue on to Union Row to Tower Hill, taking in Peacock Court, Swan St to boundary mark on both sides, Goodmans Yard, & Nos 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 in Enoch Court, Redgate Court, Red Lion Court, Worley Court, Crown & Shear Place, Sparrow Corner to boundary mark, cross to Nos 88, 87, 86, Tower Hill, then to Minories, take all on west side including Circus, Queens Court, & Mews, Hammet St, Crescent, Vine St, America Square, John St, from boundary mark, New Square, George St, Little George St Jewry St, including Sir John Cass Schools to No 33, finish the Minories & the corner of Jewry St in Aldgate High St.

Aldgate High St
Peacock Court, Minories
Swan St
Goodmans Yard
Enoch Court
Redgate Court, Minories
Red Lion Court, Minories
Norley Court
Crown & Shears Place
Sparrow Corner
Union Row
Queen's Court, Vine St
Vine St
Little George St
George St
Jewry St
New Square
John St
America Square
Hammet St
Tower Hill

Page 234 of fiche 235:- Boundary, north, Great London Railway (part of) and Liberty of Norton Folgate, east, Old Artillery ground to part of Parish of Christ Church, Spitalfields, south, Artillery Lane and Sandy's Row, west, Bishopsgate Street (part of).

Commencing at No 157 Bishopsgate St & continuing on that side to the boundary mark on No 104, include Newhams Place & ???? St, Primrose St & Gun Yard cross to corner of Spital Square & take No 7 Spital Yard. Return to Bishopsgate St at No 103 and continue to Brushfield St including Montague Court, George and Catherine Wheel Yard and Masons Court, take Brushfield St to No 9, cross over to No 14 and take to Bishopsgate St. Take to Artillery Lane, include ????tons Yard, take both sides of Artillery Lane to boundary mark (north side No 18, south side opposite), take Sandy's Row west side as far as Dock Company's Wall, include Sandy's Place, not Catherine Wheel Alley.

Bishopsgate St
Brushfield St
Silverton's Yard
Artillery Lane
Sandy's Row
Sandy's Place
Mason's Court
Montague Court
Primrose St
Skinner St
Spital Yard
Gun Yard

Page 274 of fiche 235:- Boundary, north Artillery Lane, east, Sandy's Row, south, New Street (part of), west, Great Eastern Railway premises.

Commencing in Bishopsgate St at south corner of Artillery Lane on No 55 to New St, Return & take Widegate St, both sides as far as Sandy's Row, include White Rose Court, then take Sandy's St, Windsor St, Catherine Wheel Alley, both sides to the Archway in Sandy's Row. Return and take Cock Hill and Barker's Dwellings, Return to Bishopsgate St and take Sweedland Court, Old Catherine Wheel Yard, Rose Alley and ??? Court, (Clark's Yard), include Police Station and Hospital, take north side ???? St and finish at Wool Warehouse.

Bishopsgate St Without
Widegate St
Sandy St
Windsor St
White Rose Court
Barker's Dwellings, Catherine Wheel Alley
Catherine Wheel Alley
New St
Rose Alley
Clark's Yard
Cock Hill
Sweedland Court
Police Hospital
Wool Warehouse uninhabited
Building ???? Clark's Yard uninhabited

Page 330 of fiche 235:- Boundary, north Great Eastern & North London Railways, east, New St (north side) Dock Company's premises & part of Aldgate, south, Camomile St (part of), Wormwood St, London Wall (part of), west, Blomfield St & part of Eldon St.

Commencing on the south side of New St & Bishopsgate St from No 29 to Camomile St include Fire Station, ???? St, Devonshire Square, Cavendish Court, Houndsditch to No 104, north side as far as No 55 on south side back to Bishopsgate St & Camomile St, the back premises of No 33, 34, 35 & 36 ending with Mr Davis' in Flying Horse Road, return to Bishopsgate St take No 202 & from ???? to Liverpool St including White Hart Court and Alderman's Walk, take both sides of Liverpool St including Great Eastern Hotel & Railway Station, North London Railway Station & Goods Yard and Metropolitan Railway Station, take east side of Blomfield St as far as London Wall, return to New Broad St, take the whole of Broad St ???? ??? with houses in Bishopsgate Church Yard.

New St
Bishopsgate St
Devonshire St
Devonshire Square
Cavendish Court
White Hart Court
Liverpool St
Blomfield St
Blomfield House
New Broad St

End of fiche 235