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Start of fiche 244 London, Shoreditch

Registration District: Shoreditch; Shoreditch South

Enumeration District: No 14

Description of Boundaries and Contents of Enumeration District.

R12-244 page 56

On the North by the Parish of Islington, on the East by an imaginary line Southward from that Parish, thro' New North Rd to Bracklyn St, being thence taken behind the houses on New North Rd to the North of Wimbourne St to the rear of Cropley St entering that street at Bristow St & proceeding Northward thro' Cropley St across Eagle Wharf Rd in a line to the commencement of the district at the Parish Boundary.

Bracklyn St both sides, Parr St both sides, Bristow St both sides, Cropley St East side from North corner of Bristow St (58) to Eagle Wharf Rd, both sides of Eagle Wharf Rd from Cropley St to New North Rd, the West side of the New North Rd from the North corner of 157 Wimbourne St to the Parish Boundary.

The whole in the Parliamentary Division of Shoreditch.

End of fiche 244