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Page 2 of fiche 274:- Rothschild Buildings Thrawl Street.

Thrawl Street Rothschild Buildings

Page 48 of fiche 274:- Lolesworth Buildings, Thawl Street, and Stratford House.

Stratford House

Thrawl Street, Lolesworth Buildings

Page 84 of fiche 274:- The west side of Commercial Street from Shephard Street to Wentworth Street, with Alexandra Buildings, Jews Orphan School, Ann's Place, south side of Tilley Street (excluding yard, Cow Shed Buildings in the south west corner) the east side of Shephard Street, with Shephard's Buildings & Hasting point

Node Lane and Ragged Hall School have been demolished

Ann Place
Tilley Street
Shephard Street
Shephard Street Buildings
Commercial Street
Alexandra Buildings

Page 124 of fiche 274:- The north side of Wentworth Street from Ann's Place to Bell Lane with Wentworth Court & Eastman's Court and the east side of Bell Lane with Bell Court.
In enumerating No 18 Bell Lane all the premises at the rear extending to Tilley Street to be included ie the Cow Shed & Building.
Also enumerated Catherine Terrace, a four houses lying between Ann's Place & Bell Lane and 1 house from White's Row.

Ann's Place, Wentworth Street
Wentworth Street
Bell Lane
Bell Court
Wentworth Court
Eastman's Court
Catherine's Terrace, Wentworth Street
Bell Lane
White's Row

Page 152 of fiche 274:- The north side of Tilley Street, both sides of Palmer Street, Freeman Street and Butler Street, with Emery's Court, the west side of Shepherd Street from Tilley Street to White's Row, the south side of White's Row from Commercial Street to Tenter Street.

Shepherd Street
White's Row
Butler Street
Emery's Place
Freeman Street
Palmer Street
Tilley Street

Page 204 of fiche 274:- Both side of Tenter Street, with Tenter Court, south side of White's Row (From Tenter Street to Bell Lane) and the north side of White's Row, from Crispin Street to Commercial Street. The west side of Commercial Street from White's Row to Dorset Street & the south side of Dorset Street from Commercial Street to Crispin Street (Except Crossingham's Registered Lodging House)
200 lodgers in Registered Common Lodging Houses

Tenter Street
Tenter Court
Tenter Street
Shepherd Street
White's Row
Commercial Street
Dorset Street

Page 244 of fiche 274:- The east side of Crispin Street (From Brushfield Street to White's Row) The north side of Dorset Street with Little Paternoster Row, New Court, Miller's Court, The west side of Commercial Street (From Dorset Street to Brushfield Street) and the south side of Brushfield Street from Commercial Street to Crispin Street.
230 lodgers in Registered Common Lodging Houses.

Crispin Street
Dorset Street
Little Paternoster Row
New Court
Miller's Court
Commercial Street
Brushfield Street

End of fiche 274