London Census 1891 Transcription Blog


Start of fiche 279, Whitechapel.

Whitechapel road
Bath Place
Pereira Street
Bath Street
Brady Street

Page 24 of fiche 279: From 126 to 154 Whitechapel Road, the west side of Brady Street to Winthrop Street, Winthrop Mews, both sides of Winthrop Street, Nelson Court and Brady Street Buildings.

Brady Street Buildings
Whitechapel Road
Brady Street
Winthrop Mews - no numbers
Brady Street
Nelson Court
Winthrop Street

Page 92 of fiche 279: From no 94 to 125 Whitechapel Road, both sides of Court Street and Thomas Street, south side of White's Row, the East side of Baker's Row to Whitechapel Road from White's Row and all the west side of Baker's Row.

Court Street
Thomas Street
Whitechaple Road
Bakers Row
Whites Row

Page 112 of fiche 279: From the Boundary mark at north end of Baker's Row, along the East side to White's Row, the North Side of White's Row to Thomas Street, the whole of Thomas Street north of White's Row and both sides of Cross Street and Thomas Street Buildings (Blackwall Buildings)

Blackwall Buildings, Thomas Street
Bakers Row
White's Row
Thomas Street
Cross Street

Casual Ward, Thomas Street 64 inmates

Page 144 of fiche 279: North side of Buck's Row east of Thomas Street, Queen Ann Street, Elizabeth Place, Nos 21,23,25,27,& 29 Brady Street & South side of Bucks Row from Brady Street to Board School

Queen Ann Street
Elizabeth Place
White's Row
Buck's Row
Essex Wharf
Brady Street

Page 168 of fiche 279: 1 house in Caroline Street & Nos 5 to 8 Greens Place, south side of Old Montague Street from 152 to 61, both sides of John's Place Princes Place, Montague Court & the whole of Black Lion Yard.

Black Lion Yard
Old Montague Street
Princes Place
John's Place
Greens Place
Caroline Place

Page 202 of fiche 279: The south side of Old Montague Street, west of Black Lion Yard, both sides of Kings Arms Court, Easington Buildings, Old Montague Place, Green Dragon Yard and East side of Osborn Street.

Green Dragon Yard
Old Montague Place
Old Montague Street (South Side, West of Black Lion Yard)
Osborn Street
Easington Buildings
Kings Arms Court

Page 232 of fiche 279:- The north side of Whitechapel Road from Osborn Street to Baker's Row, both sides of Nag's Head Yard, Size Yard, the Whole of St Mary's Street, Moss's Buildings, Pavilion Yard and Great Garden Street to Boundary Mark.

Whitechapel Road
Nag's Yard
Whitechapel Road
Green Dragon Place
Size Yard
Whitechapel Road
Great Garden Street
Whitechapel Road
St Mary's Street
Moss's Buildings
Whitechapel Road

Page 264 of fiche 279:- The West side of Osborn Street, Bull Court, Swan Yard, Cobb's Yard, South side of Wentworth Street to Middlesex Street, Angel Alley, Ann Street, College Buildings and Wadham House.

Osborn Street
Osborn buildings
Wentworth Street Dwellings
Angel Alley
Wentworth Street Dwellings
College Buildings
Wadham House
Ann Street
Wentworth Street

Page 292 of fiche 279:- Both sides of Old Castle Street, Castle Court, New Castle Place and New Castle Street.

New Castle Street
New Castle Place
Old Castle Street - No numbers (damaged fiche)
Fieldgate street - bell foundry, synagogue with bakery right next door.

End of fiche 279