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Start of Fiche 280

Page 2 of fiche 280:-
Wentworth Street
Goulston Street - Wentworth Buildings
Wentworth Street
Goulston Street
Wentworth Street
Goulston Street
Wentworth Street
Goulston Street Baths and Washhouses
Goulston Street

Page 48 of fiche 280:- That portion of Goulston Street as is occupied by Brunswick Buildings, and the whole of New Goulston Street.

Brunswick Buildings, Goulston Street
Brunswick Buildings, New Goulston Street

Page 98 of fiche 280:- The east side of Middlesex Street, From Wentworth Street to the High Street, the north side of the High Street from Middlesex Street to Commercial Street, both sides of Commercial Street, from the High Street to Wentworth Street, Castle Alley, Kent & Essex Yard, and Toynbee Hall.

Middlesex Street - East side from Wentworth Street to the High Street
Whitechapel High Street
Commercial Street
Kent & Essex Yard
Castle Alley

Page 120 of fiche 280:- The North side of the High Street, from Commercial Street to Osborn Street, the whole of Tewksbury Buildings, Spread Eagle Yard, George Yard, including lodging houses, George Yard Buildings, St George's House and the George's Residence for Girls.

Whitechapel H. Street - North side from Commercial Street to Osborn St.
Tewksbury Buildings
Spread Eagle Yard - No houses listed, but 5 people
George Yard
George Yard - Baliol House
St George's House
St George's Residence For Girls
Garden Court Lodging house

Page 150 of fiche 280:- The south side of Whitechapel Road from The London Hospital to Cannon Place, No's 208 to 192 inc, West side of Cannon Place, both sides of South Street, the whole of East Mount Street, the whole of Raven Row to Boundary mark, including 3 houses in White Raven Terrace, Yoakley Buildings, Raven street, Cotton Street and Oxford Street from East Mount Street to the Boundary mark, which includes 1 house of the Brewer's Almshouses.

Whitechapel Road, south side.
Cannon Place (West side)
Raven Row
South Street
Raven Street
Yoakley Buildings
Cotton Street
East Mount Street
Oxford Street
White Raven Terrace

Page 196 of fiche 280:- Mount Place from London Hospital to New Road, both sides of Mount Street, Green Street, Turner Street from Mount Place to boundary mark, both sides of Oxford Street from Turner Street to New Road, New Road to Boundary Mark.

Mount Place
Mount Street
Green Street
Oxford Street
Turner Street
New Road

Page 238 of fiche 280:- The south side of Whitechapel road from New Road to Hampshire Court, (Nos 209 to 232 inclusive) the whole of Hampshire Court, Vine Court, both sides of Charlotte Street, the whole of Orange Row, and the whole of Charlotte Court.

Whitechapel Road
St Mary's Station
Hampshire Court
Vine Court
Charlotte Street
Charlotte Court
Charlotte St
Charlotte Court
Orange Row
Charlotte Street

End of fiche 280