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Beginning of Fiche 282 – no header information. - Brief list of street names.

Mansell Street
Mansell Passage
Hayden or Haydon Square
Fives Court
Swan Street
Goodman's Yard
Enoch's Court
Grigg's Court
Sugarloaf Court
Swan Court

Page 36 of fiche 282:- West side of Leman Street from numbers 40 to 130, the whole of Chambers Street, Chambers Court, Magdalen Passage, Yeoman Yard and Little Prescott Street.

Leman Street
40 Black Horse pub
70 & 72 Garrick Theatre & Revue Hall
74,76,78 Leman Street Police Station
104 The Golden Lion Public House – Landlord Charles Roberts, Licensed Victualler. On the corner of Leman and Great Prescott streets.
130 Trafalgar Temperance Hotel

Chamber Street
Magdalen Passage (1 house only; No 1)
Chamber Street
Chamber Court
Chamber Street
Little Prescott Street
Yeoman Yard – Can't find this anywhere.

Page 68 of fiche 282: Comprising the east side of Leman St (odd) Nos 19 to 155, Hooper Square, the north side of Cable St (odd) Nos 1 to 29, Mill Yard, and No 1 Back Church Lane, Mill Yard Passage, the north side of Royal Mint St including the Railway Goods Station.

Leman St
Hooper Square
Leman St
Cable St
Back Church Lane
Mill Yard Passage
Royal Mint Square

Page 96 of fiche 282: Little Alie St, (south side), whole of Rupert St, Lambeth St & Gower’s Walk, Christopher Court, Davis’ Buildings, the Tilbury Railway Station, the south side of Commercial Road from Goodman’s Stile to Back Church Lane, Webbs Place & Johnson’s Court, also Morrison’s Buildings.

Rupert St
Johnson’s Court – uninhabited
Christopher Court
Lambeth St
Davis’s Buildings
Gower’s Walk
Wilk’s??? Place
Gower’s Walk
Commercial Road
Morrison Buildings
Little Alie St
Goodman’s Stile – uninhabited
Rupert St
Lambeth St

Page 140 of fiche 282: Comprising the west side of Back Church Lane, from Commercial Road to Hooper St, 2 Providence Place, Brunswick Place, Williams Rents, Mundy’s Place & Friendly Buildings.

Providence Place, Brunswick Place
Providence Place, Williams Rents
Brunswick Place
Williams Rents
Friendly Buildings
Mundy’s Place
Back Church Lane

Page 168 of fiche 282: Comprising the east side of Mansell St, odd numbers 49 to 95, the whole of Great Prescot St. The south side of Great Alie St and the whole of Alie Place.

Great Alie St
Alie Place
Great Alie St
Mansell St
Great Prescot St

Page 206 of fiche 282: Comprising Tenter St North, Tenter St West, Tenter St South and Tenter St East, Landsdown Cottages and St Marks St (Excepting Tenter Buildings).

Tenter St North
New Buildings
Tenter St West
Tenter St South
Tenter St East
New Buildings, Tenter St East
Tenter St East (Night Refuge for Men “Church ??????????????”)
Landsdown Cottages
St Marks St
Centre House
Gertrude House

Page 240 of fiche 282: comprising Scarborough St, Newnham St and Tenter Buildings, St Marks St.

Newnham St
Scarborough St
Tenter Buildings, St Marks St

Page 266 of fiche 282: comprising Nos 1, 6, 7, 8 and 20 Haydon Square, the whole of Church St, The 0, Nos 27 to 37 and both sides of Haydon St.

Haydon Square
Church St
Haydon St

End of fiche 282