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Start of fiche 283:- Header information unreadable.

Victualling Office Square.
King St
Queen St
Sharpes Buildings
Sawer Hill
Victualling Office Square
Royal Mint (??? Lodger)
St Katherine's Wharf
Little Thames St

Page 34 of fiche 283:- Commencing at Vestry Hall Upper East Smithfield, and comprising the north side of Upper East Smithfield to Brown Bear Alley and including Loats Buildings and Norwich Court, both sides of Lower East Smithfield from South Devon Wharf to London and Continental Wharf, Nightingale Lane and Burr St and terminating with and including St Katherine's Dock House.

Upper East Smithfield
Loats Buildings uninhabited
Upper East Smithfield
Norwich Court
Upper East Smithfield
Lower East Smithfield
Nightingale Lane
Burr St
St Katherine Dock House

Page 64 of fiche 283:- Comprising the south side of Royal Mint St from the corner of Queen St to the corner of Cartwright St including Beck's Rents. The west side of Cartwright St including Alfred Buildings and St Katherine Buildings.

Alfred Buildings, Cartwright St.
St Katherine Buildings, Cartwright St
Cartwright St
Royal Mint St
Beck's Rents
Royal Mint St

End of the Ecclesiastical Parish of St Paul's, Dock St.

Page 104 of fiche 283:- Comprising the east side of Cartwright St including (Royal) Albert Buildings (Dwellings), Darby St, Royal Mint St Nos 30 to 37 inclusive, and Royal Mint Square Nos 1 to 145 inclusive.

Royal Mint Square Nos 146 to ??? inclusive, the remaining portion of the south side of Royal Mint St to Dock St, including Baker's ??? Buildings, Blue ????? Yard and ???????

Royal Albert Dwellings, Cartwright St
Darby St
Cartwright St
Crescent House
Royal Mint St
Royal Mint Square

End of the Civil Parish Of St Botolph Without Aldgate

Royal Mint Square
Royal Mint St
New Martin St

Page 150 of fiche 283:- Comprising both sides of Glasshouse St (exclusive of Peabody Buildings) Glasshouse Buildings and Shorters Rents, both sides of Dock St (excluding Sailor's Home) and Hearts of Oak.

Glasshouse St Buildings
Glasshouse St
Dock St
Hearts of Oak Court uninhabited

End of the Civil Parish of St Mary Whitechapel part of.

Page 164 of fiche 283:- The whole of the Peabody Buildings, Glasshouse St.

Peabody Buildings, Glasshouse St

Page 210 of fiche 283:- Comprising both sides of Well St (exluding Sailor's Home), north side of Harrod's Place, Graces Alley, Wellclose Square Nos 9 to 28 inclusive, Cable St, Nos 2 to 56 inclusive, even numbers only, south side and Shorters St Nos 3 to 6 inclusive.

Cable St
Shorter St
Wellclose Square
Harrod's Place
Well St
Grace's Alley

Page 250 of fiche 283:- The Sailor's Home, Well St and Dock St, Whitechapel.

Page 272 of fiche 283:- Her Majesty's Tower of London. Palace and Fortress, also a Military Garrison. On the River Thames, East End of London.

Page 314 of fiche 283:- Ship named Cowslip

Page 317 of fiche 283:- Ship named Lady Olive

Page 319 of fiche 283:- Ship named Viola

Page 327 of fiche 283:- Ship named Emma

328 Frank Lucy
330 New Hope
333 Eugenie
334 Wigar
338 Merlin
341 Ondernaming
342 Diana
344 Frances
347 Mass

End of fiche 283