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Page 2 of fiche 297

Commercial Road, south side from Limehouse Church to Paisleys ????? shop inclusive. Commercial Road, north side from ?????????? ?????? to Baldwin’s, corner of Burdett road ???????? Ch???? Place, St Annes Row, ??? ???????? on east side of St Annes St and leading down opposite l??? Floyds packing case factory, Merchants row on ?????side. St Annes St, W??? Row
West India Dock Road, north side from 3 adjoining the Eastern Hotel, to the opposite Tavern (No 43 these being the strangers home for ?????? & the Salvation Army food shelter, both inclusive, also Bur ? shop No 69; house 71 + Blue ??? No 73 & 75.

Commercial Road (north or south???)
West India Dock Road
St Annes St
St Annes Row
West Row
Marchants Row
Clinsan Place
Tile Yard

Page 40 of fiche 297: East or West India Dock Road, south side from Eastern Hotel, No 2 to 30 inclusive, 8 and 10 being German Sailors Home. Amoy Place, both sides to corner of Birchf??ield St, Rugg St, Birchfield St, west side only, from 1 adjoining the Opposite? Side? In the West India Dock Road to No 19, both inclusive, East India Dock Road, ????tide from “Pigott Arms” No 1 to No 51 (Dr McAndrews) both inclusive. Stainsby Road west side from 1 to 15 both inclusive. Commencing again on north (south) side at No 45 (2 doors past “Conant Arms”) to Formby’s Cement Company’s Wharf, both inclusive, Stainsby Road east side from No 124 being “New River Head” Public House to No 64, both inclusive. Alena House, No 11 Latham St, in rear of about No 82 Stainsby Road, Pigott St, east side fron 2 to 60, both inclusive, Pigott St west side from 65 to 3, both inclusive. Henry St, leading out of Stainsby Road.

East India Dock Road
Amoy Place
Rugg St

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