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Swan Street, Bethnal Green


Administrative County of: London,
Civil Parish: Bethnal Green
District of:
Ecclesiastical Parish or District: St. Philip's
Microfiche RG12/265

Swan Street, alternatively spelled Swann Street on page 99.

4 Swan Street - 1 Uninhabited house (1U) - Condemned.
2 Swan Street - 1 Uninhabited house (1U) - Condemned.
1 Swan Street - 1 Uninhabited house (1U) - Condemned.

11 Swan Street - Page 98

152 1 John Perry H M 60 M Coffee House Keeper   London  
    Elizabeth do W M 50 F     do  

8 Swan Street

153 1 Daniel Mahoney H M 28 M Carman Ed St. Georges in East  
    Mary do W M 29 F     Chiswell St, City  
    Daniel do So   2 M     Bethnal Gn  
    James do do   4mo M     do  
154   Daniel do H M 50 M Salesman Ed Ireland  
    Eliza Mahoney W M 49 F     London, Whitechapel  
    do, do Da S 25 F Vellum Sewer Ed do, City  
    Mary do Da S 24 F do do Ed do, W'chapel  
    Clara do do S 22 F Vest Maker Ed do, St. George E  
    Joseph do So S 21 M Labourer Ed do, Shoreditch  
    Matilda do Da S 19 F Stay Maker Ed do, do  
    Annie do do S 18 F   Ed do, Bethnal Gn  
    John do So S 14 M Office Boy Ed do, do  
    Charles do do S 8 M Scholar   do, do  

6 Swann Street

155 1 William Timothy H M 51 M Chair Maker Ed London, Bethnal Gn  
    Matilda do W M 50 F     do  
    Harry do So S 20 M Chair Maker Ed do  
156   William Bender H M 21 M Laborer Ed do, Bow  
    Elizabeth do W M 19 F Cigar Maker Ed do, Shoreditch  
    do, do Da   6mo F     do, Bethnal Gn  
157   Joseph Neal H M 33 M Laborer Ed do, do  
    Harriett do W M 34 F     do, do  
    George do So   10 M     do, do  
    Harriett do Da   4 F     do, do  
    Elizabeth do do   1 F     do, do  

7 Swann Street

158 1 G. Wilder H M 42 M Warehouseman Ed Bucks  
    Elizabeth do W M 38 F Tailoress Er Bucks  
    Alice do Da S 18 F do Ed Battersea  
    George do So S 16 M Card Box Cutter Ed Lond. Shoreditch  
    Annie L. do Da S 14 F Tailoress Ed do, do  
    Thomas A. do So S 9 M     do, do  
    Nelly F. do Da   1 F     do, Bethnal Gn  
159   James Bruce H S 82 M Packer Ed do, Wapping  
    William do Vi S 79 M     do, do  
    Harry Ling H M 30 M Cabinet Maker Ed do, Spitalfields  
    Hannah F. do W M 29 F     Lond. Shoreditch  

This concludes the transcription of Swan or Swann Street, Bethnal Green.

The microfiche continues with Bethnal Green Road, Bethnal Green on page 108.