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Thrawl Street - Part of the Civil Parish of Christ Church, administrative county of London,  district of Whitechapel.  Ecclesiastical Parish or District: St Stephens, RG12/273.

2 Thrawl Street - Page 284

194 1 John Ashley H M 64 M Dock Labourer Ed Microfiche Damaged  
    Sarah do W M 60 F     Microfiche Damaged  
195   Charles Yems H M 25 M Wood Chopper Ed Microfiche Damaged  
    Sarah do W M 22 F     Microfiche Damaged  
    Annie do Da   1 F     Microfiche Damaged  
196   Ellen Bloomer H Wi 37 F Book Folder Ed London, Lambeth  
    James do So   4 M     do, do  
    Sarah Lagan Lo Wi 42 F Charwoman Ed Somersetshire  
    John do do   5 M     Herts, Barnet  

3 Thrawl Street - Page 285 - This microfiche page has a lot of damage.

197 1 James Huxley H M 55 M Tea Cooper Ed Ireland, Cork  
    Ellen do W M 46 F Rag Sorter Ed do, do  
    William Bull Ss S 20 M Chairmaker Ed London  
    Catharine do Sd S 10 F Scholar   do  
    George do Ss S 7 M     do  
    John do Ss S 6 M     do  

4 & 5 Thrawl Street - Uninhabited

6 Thrawl Street

198 1 Thomas Miller H M 39 M Porter Ed Wales, Cardiff  
    Emily do W M 39 F     London, Wapping  
199   James Fruit H M 58 M General Labourer Ed Essex, Wuthering Heights  
    Eliza do W M 62 F     Staffs, Wolverhampton  
    William do Ne   11 M     London, Whitechapel  

7 Thrawl Street - Uninhabited

8 Thrawl Street

200 1 John Geo Reeves H M 49 M Mouse Trap Maker Ne London, Whitechapel  
    Caroline do W M 50 F     do, Hoxton  
    Edward do So   10 M Scholar   do, do  
    Arthur do So   9 M do   do, Bethnal Green  
201   William Thomas H M 56 M General Dealer Shop Ne London  
    Elizabeth do W M 42 F Flower Hawker Ne do  
202   James Reed H Wi 60 M Labourer Ed London, Stratford  
    James do So   16 M do Ed do, Whitechapel  
    John do So   11 M Scholar  do, do  
    Anne do Da   8 F   do, Spitalfields  
203   Frank Holland H M 39 M Labourer Ed Derby  
    Annie do W M 34 F   Nottingham  

9 Thrawl Street - Page 286

204 1 Edward Lovett H S 30 M Coal Porter Ed Microfiche Damaged  
    Mary Feeley Lo Wi 26 F Sack Maker Ed Microfiche Damaged  
    Ellen do do   3 F     Microfiche Damaged  
205   Ann McCarthy H Wi 37 F Boot Repairer Ne Microfiche Damaged  
    Timothy do So   13 M     Microfiche Damaged  
206   Catherine Egan H Wi 67 F     Microfiche Damaged  
    Michael do So S 25 M Sewsward of Boots Ed Microfiche Damaged  
    Daniel do So S 15 M Cabinet Maker Apprentice Ed Microfiche Damaged  

10 Thrawl Street

207 1 Sarah Smith H Wi 34 F Ironer Ed Microfiche Damaged  
    Florence do Da   7m F     Microfiche Damaged  
    Annie Isaacs Lo S 24 F Tailoress Ed Microfiche Damaged  
    Margaret Smith Da   12 F Scholar   Microfiche Damaged  
208   Vernee Lorrie H M 25 M Labourer Ed Microfiche Damaged  
    Jane do W M 24 F     Microfiche Damaged  
    Daniel do So S 2 M   Microfiche Damaged  
    Hannah do M Wi 54 F Charwoman Ed Microfiche Damaged  
209   Alexander Smith H M 40 M Wood Chopper Ed Microfiche Damaged  
    Catherine do W M 35 F     Microfiche Damaged  
    James do So   4 M Scholar   Microfiche Damaged  
    Louisa do Da   1 F     Microfiche Damaged  

11 & 12 Thrawl Street

210 2 William Worsdale H W 65 M Fruiterer Ed Microfiche Damaged  
    John Russell Bo S 41 M Engraver Ed Microfiche Damaged  
    William Burgess do S 62 M Painter Ed Microfiche Damaged  

13, 14 & 15 Don't seem to exist

16, 17 & 18 Thrawl Street - Lodging House
16 & 17 are listed as one building, closely followed by 18 Thrawl Street, but due to microfiche damage, we can't tell exactly where 16 & 17 end and 18 begins.  Also, on page 287, a number of entries have unreadable First names, so only the surnames are listed.

211 2 Peter Johnston Bo S 29 M Collier Ed Liverpool  
    Henry Watts do S 32 M Dock Labourer Ed London, Lambeth  
    Jane Walker do S 22 F Laundress Ed do, St George's East  
    William Watson do M 29 M Coal Porter Ed do, Spitalfields  
    Ellen do do M 28 F Charwoman Ed Microfiche Damaged  
    May Ann Sullivan do S 31 F Laundress Ed Ireland  
    Thomas More do M 38 M Orange Porter Ed Microfiche Damaged  
    Hannah do do M 36 F Charwoman Ed Microfiche Damaged  
--- -- --- Page 287 --- -- --- ------ ---------------------- -- ------------------- ----
    Jones Bo S 28 M Bricklayer's Labourer Ed London, Mile End  
    Thornlinson do S 22 M Dock Labourer Ed do, Borough  
    Cole do M 27 F Laundress  do, Wapping  
    Neil do M 39 M General Hawker Ne do, Limehouse  
    Neil do M 36 F do Ne do, Limehouse  
    Maloney do S 23 F Stick Polisher Ed do, Holborn  
    Murphy do S 28 M Orange Porter Ed Ireland, Cork  
    Connolloy do S 18 F Laundress Ed London, St Gile's  
    Whetstone do M 42 M Paviour, Road Paver Ed Norfolk  
    Barrett do M 33 M Bricklayer's Labourer Ed London, Stepney  
    Eliza do Bo M 29 F Hawker, Coster Ne do, Lime House  
    James Smith do S 26 M Dock Labourer Ed do, Whitechapel  
    William Johnson do M 56 M do Ed do, Spitalfields  
    Jane do do M 44 F Match Maker Ed do, St George's  
    John Salter do S 27 M Coal Porter Ed do, Stepney  
    Thomas do S 24 M Orange Porter Ed do, Limehouse  
    Collinson do S 28 F Laundress Ed do, Wapping  
    John Barnes do S 52 M Hawker of Combs Ne do, Westminster  
    Arthur Bett do M 42 M Cabinet Maker Ed Sussex  
    Mary A. Phillips do S 26 F Laundress Ed London, Blackfriars  
    Thomas Carter Bo S 42 M Carman Ed do, Spitalfields  
    Lydia Page do M 29 F Hawker, Coster Ne do, Rotherhithe  
    Mary Williams do M 30 F Tailoress Ed do, Whitechapel  
    Ellie Everet do M 35 F do Ed do, Mile End  
    Eliza Boldgreen do S 24 F Laundress Ed do, Clerkenwell  
    Mary Wright do M 47 F N. K.  do, White Chapel  
    Louisa Jadsen do M 29 F N. K.  do, Black Friars  
    Bella Lands do S 27 F N. K.  do, Ratcliff  
    Charlotte Bollen do S 30 F N. K.  do, Spital Fields  
    Elizabeth Reed do S 29 F N. K.  do, do  
    Green do S 37 F N. K.  do, City Road  
--- -- --- Page 288 --- -- --- ------ -------------------- -- ------------------------ ----
    Harriett Stoke Bo M 57 F Charwoman Ed London, Limehouse  
    May Mack do Wi 62 F do Ed Kent  
    Julia Sims do Wi 23 F Needle Woman Ed London, Barnesbury  
    Jane Losum do Wi 82 F Hawker Ne do, St Luke's  
    Mary Covil do Wi 68 F do Ne Colchester  
    Kate Moloney do Wi 43 F do Ne London, Ratcliff  
    Jane Jeffries do Wi 65 F Umbrella Maker Ed Scotland  
214   Ann West do do 61 F Charwoman Ed Lincolnshire  
    Maggie Conroy do do 42 F   Germany  
    Mary Walker do do 40 F   Norwich  
    Mary Dobson Bo do 72 F   London, Kensington  
    Ann Ratcliff do do 60 F Seamstress Ed Wales  
    Ann Bennett do do 35 F   London, Poplar  
    Esther May do do 29 F   do, Limehouse  
    Fanny Hosey do do 47 F   Hertfordshire  
    Betsy Harrington do do 45 F   Warwick, Birmingham  
    Elizabeth White do do 30 F   London, Whitechapel  
    Sarah Harvey do do 30 F   Hertfordshire  
    Eliza Stone do do 40 F Tailoress Ed London, Bow  
    Amelia Brown do do 33 F Hawker, Coster Ne do, Shadwell  
    Harriett Jones Bo do 40 F Laundress Ed do, do  
    Jane Ward do do 29 F Machinist Ed do, St Lukes  
215   Alice Stokes do S 33 F Deputy, Lodging Hou Ed do, Bethnal Green  
    Ellen Smart do M 42 F Hawker Ne do, Chiswick  
    Ellen do do S 19 F do Ne do, Deptford  
    Emma Davis do Wi 54 F Charwoman Ed do, Limehouse  
    Mary Gawley do S 30 F   do, Spitalfields  
    Ellen Scott do Wi 41 F Seamstress Ed Ireland  
    Sarah Walker do Wi 32 F   Chatham  
    Mary Hart do Wi 38 F Charewoman Ed London, City  
    Hannah do do S 19 F General Servant  do  
--- -- --- Page 289 --- -- --- ------ ----------------------- --- ------------------------- ---
    Ellen Britten Bo S 41 F   London, Mile End  
    Margaret Dryer do M 42 F Tailoress Ed do, Ratcliff  
    Mary Smith do S 30 F   do, Whitechapel  
    Annie Lea do S 22 F   do, do  
    May Ann Nichols do S 50 F   do, Spitalfields  
    Martha Mack do S 60 F Charwoman Ed do, do  
    Rose Logan do S 45 F   do, Poplar  
    Elizabeth Chatterton do S 49 F Dressmaker Ed Kent  
--- -- Chandler's Shop -- --- ------ ------------------ --- ------------------------- -----
216   James Hague H M 57 M Chandler's Shop & Lodging House Keeper Er London, Bethnal Green  
    Hannah do W M 44 F   do, Kensington  
    Elizabeth do Da S 24 F Laundress Ed do, Bethnal Green  
    Charlotte do Da   14 F     do, do  

19 Thrawl Street

217 1 Mary Kilmartin H M 63 F     Ireland  
    Margaret Brown Da Wi 45 F Hawker Ne Liverpool  
    Sarah Brown Da S 19 F do Ne do  
218   George Blower H M 52 M Watersie Labourer   Birmingham  
    Annie do W M 48 F Charwoman   London, St Georges  
    John do So S 20 M Hawker   do, do  
    William do So S 15 M Newsvendor   do, do  
    James do So   11 M   do, do  
    Charles Hall Lo M 37 M Cabinet Maker  do, Bethnal Green  
    Sarah do do M 40 F Needlewoman  Essex, Sheydon Bois  
219   Charles Savage H M 53 M Labourer Ed Hertfordshire  
    Ellen Savage W M 45 F     London  

20 Thrawl Street

220 1 John Horsley H M 30 M Fish Curer Ed London, St George's  
    Susan do W M 28 F     do, do  
    Sarah do Da   3 F     do, Spitalfields  
221   Mary Gladman H Wi 40 F Bootbinder Ed do, do  
    Jane do Da   8 F Scholar   do, Whitechapel  
    Harry do So   2 M     do, Spitalfields  
    Sarah do Da   4F Scholar   do, Whitechapel P
    Hanah do Da   2m F     do, Spitalfields  

The microfiche jumps from schedule no 221 to 240 here, so there is obviously something missing.  21 & 22 Thrawl street are missing, but who knows what else

Mission Hall Court, Thrawl Street, appears here

23 Thrawl Street

244 1 Emma Holland W M 36 F     London, Bethnal Green  
    Henry do H M 35 M Sawdust Dealer Ne do, do  
    Henry do So   8 M Scholar   do, Whitechapel  
    Alice do Da   6 F do   do, do  
    Elizabeth do Da   2 F     do, do  

24 Thrawl Street - Furnished House

245 1 John Harris H M 50 M Gen Labourer Ed Exeter  
    Ann Harris W M 40 F     London, Marylebone  
    James do So   15 M Newsvendor Ne do, St Lukes  
    Jane do Da   11 F     do, do  
    Henry do So   9 M     do, do  
246   William Delaney H M 32 M Groom Ed do, Bethnal Green  
    Isabella do W M 30 F     do, St Georges  
247   Dennis Shannon H M 43 M Shoemaker Ed do, Westminster  
    Ellen do W M 45 F   Essex, Colchester  
    Ellen do Da   15 F   London, Spitalfields  
    Mary do Da   5 F   do, Whitechapel  
    Norah do Da   2 F   do, do  
248   Alice Eatory H S 37 F Charwoman Ed do, Westminster  
249   James Matthews H M 40 M Paper Cutter Ed do, City  
    Eliza do W M 38 F   do, do  
    Eliza do Da   6 F   do, Bermondsey  
    Rose do Da   3 F   do, Whitechapel  

25 Thrawl Street - Furnished House

250 1 Margaret Smith H Wi 58 F     London  
    James do So S 18 M Labourer Ed London  
251   Jeremiah Shaw H S 35 M Dock Labourer Ed do, Shoreditch  
252   Thomas Smith H M 52 M Labourer Ed do, Ratcliff  
    Emma do W M 45 F     do, St Georges East  
    Harry do So   9 M     do, do  
    Edward do So   6 M     do, do  
253   Cornelius Harrigan H M 49 M Dock Labourer Ed do, Whitechapel  
    Julia do W M 43 F   Wales, Cardiff  
    Mary do M Wi 69 F Charwoman Ed London, Whitechapel  

26 Thrawl Street - Furnished House

254 1 Emma Parsley H Wi 28 F Charwoman Ed London, Whitechapel  
    William do So   9 M     do, do  
255   Ann Samper H Wi 39 F Charwoman Ed do, do  
    Ann do Da S 14 F Scholar   do, do  
    Emma do Da   12 F do   do, do  
    Kate do Da   10 F do   do, do  
    George do So S 16 M Messenger Ed do, do  

27 Thrawl Street - Furnished House

256 1 John Jones H M 28 M Labourer Ed Welshpool  
    Emma do W M 25 F     Warwick' Coventry  
257   Frederick Clark H M 45 M Engine Fitter Ed London, Lambeth  
    Harriett do W M 37 F     do, Wentworth  
258   Henry Grant H M 30 M Labourer Ed do, Spitalfields  
    Emily do W M 24 F     do, Ratcliff  
    Henry do So   3 M     do, St George's East  
    Catherine ?? M Wi 45 F Tailoress Ed do, Ratcliff  

28 Thrawl Street - Furnshed House

259 1 James Wincott H M 48 M Dock Labourer Ed London, East Smithfield  
    Ellen do W M 46 F Lead Factory Hand Ed Ireland, Cork  
    Kate do Da   12 F     London, Spitalfields  
    Michael do So   7 M     do, do  
    William do So   9 M     do, do  
260   William Turner H M 40 M Dock Labourer Ed do, Bethnal Green  
    Sarah do W M 39 F   do, Stepney  
    Ellen Pitts Sl Wi 57 F Dress Maker Ed do, City  
    Francis C. Turner So   9 M   do, Spitalfields  
261   Thomas Sims H M 30 M Cabman Ed do, Stepney  
    Sarah do W M 23 F   do, Spitalfields  
    Thomas do So   4 M   do, St Georges East  
262   Albert W. Lee H M 28 M Printer  London  
    Selina do W M 26 F     do  
    Eliza do Da   8 F Scholar   do, Whitechapel  

29 Thrawl Street

263 1 Ann Reardon H Wi 49 F Charwoman Ed London  
264   Henry Horn H M 31 M Skin Dresser, Fur Ed do, Mile End  
    Harriett do W M 32 F     do,   

30 Thrawl Street - Second Hand Clothing & Marine Stores

265 1 Samuel Buckley H M 46 M Marine Store Dealer Er Kent, Gravsend  
    Esther do W M 45 F     London  
    Alfred do So S 17 M Carman Ed do, Spitalfields  
    William do So   14 M Printer Ed do, Hoxton  
    William Prior Bo S 48 M General Labourer Ed Newcastle on Tyne  
    John Huffins do S 59 M do Ed London, Mile End  

Wentworth Street appears here, sarting with Nos 62, 63 & 64, Lodging House