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SchedInhabFirst NameSurnameRel to HeadMarital StatusAge SexOccupationEmpl StatusWhere BornAffli- ctions
Microfiche number RG12/244, Page 77,   30 Bristow Street, Shoreditch,
112 I William Hughes H M 52 M Coach Smith Ed Bucks, Brough
112 Ermine Mary Hughes W M 52 F Nurse, Sick Ed Bucks, Sact Hill
112 Frank Hughes So S 20 M Bedstead Maker Ed London, Islington
112 Walter Hughes So S 13 M Scholar London, Islington
113 Robert Dent H M 34 M Black Smith Ed London, Clerkenwell
113 Alice Dent W M 30 F London, Clerkenwell
113 Violet Dent Da 8 F Scholar London, St. Lukes
113 Alice Dent Da 6 F Scholar London, St. Lukes
113 Robert Dent So 5 M Scholar London, St. Lukes
113 W'm Digby Dent So 4 M Scholar London, Hoxton
113 Charles Dent So 3 M Scholar London, Clerkenwell
113 Arthur Dent So S 3m M London, Hoxton
114 H'y Jacob Challen H M 27 M General Mill Sawery, Sawyer Ed London, St. Lukes
114 Mary Ann Challen W M 29 F London, Finsbury
114 Mary Florence Challen Da 2 F London, Holborn
114 Henry Kimber Challen So 1 M London, Clerkenwell
114 Lottie Roberts Ni S 8 F London, St. Lukes
115 W'm J. Wright H M 43 M Lattice Boot Maker Ed Somersetshire
115 Mary Ann Wright W M 36 F London
115 W'm J. Wright So S 16 M Capsol Maker Ed London
115 Albert Wright So 14 M Capsol Maker Ed London
115 Arthur Wright So 8 M Scholar London
115 Charles Wright So 5 M Scholar London
115 Edwin Wright So 3 M Scholar London
115 Frederick Wright So 9m M London
116 Charles Synett H M 32 M Inventor, Scient' Ne London, Kensington
116 Eliza Synett W M 26 F London, St. Lukes
116 Arthur Synett So 6 M Scholar London, Hoxton
116 Ada Synett Da 4 F Scholar London, Hoxton