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SchedInhabFirst NameSurnameRel to HeadMarital StatusAge SexOccupationEmpl StatusWhere BornAffli- ctions
Microfiche number RG12/280, Page 259,   3 Charlotte Street, Whitechapel,
87 I Rachael Goodfriend H Wi 58 F Maintained by Children Poland, Koolish
87 Fanny Goodfriend Da S 20 F Tailoress Ed Poland, Koolish
87 Miriam Goodfriend Da S 18 F Tailoress Ed Poland, Koolish
87 Pan Goodfriend So S 21 M Tailor Ed Poland, Koolish
88 Benjn Wellsman H M 24 M Tailor Ed Russia
88 Udrian Wellsman W M 22 F Russia
88 Betsy Wellsman Da 3m F London, Whitechapel
89 Emanuel Cohen H M 47 M Master Tailor Er Poland, Chovna
89 Rachael Cohen W M 42 F Poland, Chovna
89 Mary Cohen Da S 22 F Button Hole Hand Ed Poland, Chovna
89 Annie Cohen Da S 20 F Housekeeper (Dom) Ed Poland, Chovna
89 Dinah Cohen Da S 18 F Tailoress Ed Poland, Chovna
89 Myer Cohen So S 14 M Tailor's Machiner Ed Poland, Chovna
89 Rose Cohen Da S 12 F Scholar Poland, Chovna
89 Rebecca Cohen Da S 6 F Scholar London, Whitechapel
89 Jenny Cohen Ni 4 F Scholar London, Whitechapel
89 Selina Cohen Ni 3 F London, Whitechapel
89 Jonas Brande Bo S 24 M Cigarette Maker Ed Russia
89 Ben Rolhston Bo S 20 M Hair Weaver Ed Berlin
89 Esther Hayes Se S 23 F General Servant (Dom) Ed Buckinghamshire, Mentmore
90 Morris Bienstok H M 28 M Furrier Ed Austria, Zlotzaw, Keciece
90 Meni Bienstok W M 28 F Austria, Zlotzaw, Keciece
90 Lipman Bienstok So 6m M London, Whitechapel
90 Moretz Bohman Lo M 35 M Furrier Ed Austria, Bohnam, Patzau
115 Elizabeth A. Pember H Wi 70 F Needle Woman Ne London, City