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SchedInhabFirst NameSurnameRel to HeadMarital StatusAge SexOccupationEmpl StatusWhere BornAffli- ctions
Microfiche number RG12/280, Page 260,   5 Charlotte Street, Whitechapel,
97 I Marcus Robin H M 33 M Tailor Ne Russia
97 Dina Robin W M 30 F Russia
97 Fanny Robin Da 7 F London, Mile End
97 Libe Robin Da 2 F London, Whitechapel
97 Chloy Robin Da 2m F London, Whitechapel
97 Rachael Robin Ml Wi 48 F Supported by Family Russia
97 Riomill Robin Br S 18 M Tailor Ed Russia
98 Nathan Matways H M 21 M Tailor Ed Austria
98 Libe Matways W M 22 F Tailoress Ed Poland
99 Alice Shinemen H Wi 36 F Charwoman Ne Poland
99 Betsy Shinemen Da 8 F Scholar London, Spitalfields
99 Wolff Shinemen So 7 M Scholar London, St. Georges E.
100 Fanny Shinemen Da 3 F Scholar London, St. Georges E.
100 Pinches Viktor H M 28 M Cabinet Maker Ed Russia
100 Slaty Viktor W M 25 F Russia
100 Yoeb Viktor So 7 M Russia
101 Jude Percas H M 45 M Tailor Ed Russia
101 Jochwed Percas W M 45 F Russia
101 Zabok Percas So S 18 M Tailor Ed Russia
101 Salemon Percas So S 15 M Tailor Ed Russia
101 Aaron Percas So S 12 M Russia
101 Sarah Percas Da S 9 F Russia
102 Harry Lytner H M 31 M Tinman Ed Poland
102 Leah Lytner W M 34 F Poland
118 I Elizabeth Carter H M 23 F Mantle Maker Ed Essex, Burnham
119 Daniel Doyle H M 58 M Biscuit Baker Ed Ireland, Wicklow
119 Mary Doyle W M 57 F Ireland, Rossomon
119 Edward Doyle So S 17 M Warehouseman (General) Ed London, Whitechapel
119 Shamus Doyle So S 15 M Messenger Ed London, Whitechapel
119 William Doyle So S 13 M Scholar London, Whitechapel