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SchedInhabFirst NameSurnameRel to HeadMarital StatusAge SexOccupationEmpl StatusWhere BornAffli- ctions
Microfiche number RG12/276, Page 63,   19 Booth Street, Spitalfields,
66 I Elizabeth Archer H Wi 46 F Charwoman Ed London, Bethnal Green
67 Philip Laurenberg H M 22 M Boot Laster Ed Russia
67 Tany Laurenberg W M 19 F Russia
67 Emmy Laurenberg Da S 6m F London, Spitalfields
68 Ann Comto H Wi 86 F Shaw Bonnet Worker, Retired London, Mile End New Town
68 Caroline Comto Sl S 70 F Shaw Bonnet Worker, Retired London, Mile End New Town
69 Henry Cash H M 37 M Wood Laborer Ed London, Spitalfields
69 Mary Cash W M 26 F Ireland, Tipperary
69 Kate Cash Da S 4 F London, Spitalfields
69 Eliza Cash Da S 2 F London, Spitalfields
69 Caroline Cash Da S 4m F London, Spitalfields
70 Frederick Erms H M 46 M Laborer, General Ed Germany
70 Jane Erms W M 46 F Charwoman London, Spitalfields
70 Harriet Tolley Sd S 16 F Varnisher Ed London, Bethnal Green
71 Aaron Marks H M 44 M Tailor Ed Poland
71 Sarah Marks W M 42 F Tailor's Machinist Ed Poland
71 Alec Marks So S 20 M Tailor's Machinist Ed Poland
71 Philip Marks So S 18 M Tailor's Machinist Ed Poland
71 Michael Marks S S 13 M Tailor's Apprentice Ed Poland
71 Jane Marks Da S 16 F Button Hole Maker Ed Poland
71 Leah Marks Da S 9 F Scholar Poland
71 Kate Marks Da S 6 F Scholar Poland
71 Jacob Marks So S 9m M London, Spitalfields