Crossingham’s Lodging House, Dorset Street, London

William Crossingham owned 2 Common Lodging Houses in Dorset Street, Spitalfields in 1888. One of them was number 35 Dorset Street, on the Northern side of the street, on the Corner of Little Paternoster Row. The other was number 16-19 Dorset Street, on the South side, roughly opposite Miller’s Court, where Mary Jane Kelly was murdered on the 9th of November 1888

In 1891, according to the London census, Crossingham’s at Number 35, had 78 people registered as living there.

You can see the list of people here:

Crossingham’s weren’t the only doss houses in Dorset Street, he’s just the most well known.

I will be transcribing the rest of Dorset Street in the coming weeks, so keep watching for details of the other doss houses soon.