Welcome to Census1891’s Blog

Here I will be discussing the transcription of the London Census from 1891.

First off, a disclaimer:  Before anyone starts complaining about copyright infringement, this transcription is MY PERSONAL INTERPRETATION of something which is already in the public domain.

Anyone can go to the British Library and look at these microfiches and compare them to my personal interpretation of them.

You’re all free to disagree with my personal interpretation as you see fit.

Having said that, there are some areas of the microfiches which are particularly hard to read.  Most of these I’ve simply left out for now.

Where I may have made a mistake, I am open to discussion about it, and if I think a valid point has been made, I will alter the text in the database to suit.

In addition to this, any images I may present, are my own creations, hand drawn, and I own the copyright, copyleft and copyupyourbum!