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Victorian Occupations

A collection of the occupations or job descriptions of the people living in London in the 1890's.  Most of the descriptions are fairly self explanatory, I'll elaborate on the ones that aren't in due course.


Faber artisan or workman, a smith.
Fabricator A maker
Factor An agent employed by merchants to transact business of buying and selling
Factor Agent Merchant for commission or factor, one who transacts business for another (usually absent).
Factory Girl  
Factory Labourer  
Factory Lad  
Fagetter made up faggots into bundles, seller of firewood
Faker Photographic assistant who added colour to photographs by hand before colour film was available.
Falconer or Falkner breeds, trains, or hunts with hawks
Fancy Basket Liner  
Fancy Box Maker  
Fancy Man pimp
Fancy Pearl Worker worked in mother-of-pearl making buttons or fancy goods
Fancy Salesman  
Fancy Trimmer  
Fancy Woman prostitute
Fanner A grain winnower.
Fanwright A maker and repairer of fans or winnowing baskets.
Farandman<.td> A stranger or traveller, especially a travelling merchant.
Farm bailiff
Farmer often descendant of the gentry; usually having servants and farm workers, or a tax-collector or bailiff.
Farmer, grazier A farmer who pastures and raises cattle.
Farrier A horse doctor, or a blacksmith, one who shoes horses
Farrier's Assistant Obvious really/td>
Faulkner A Falconer.
Fawkner trainer of falcons
Fear Nothing Maker A weaver of a special kind of thick woollen cloth known as fear-nought, used for protective clothing and lining portholes, walls, and doors of powder magazines on board ships.
Feather Beater cleanser of feathers
Feather Curler curled feathers to prepare them for use in hat making etc
Feather Dresser cleaned and prepared feathers for sale
Feather Man dealer in feathers and plumes
Feather Wife woman who prepared feathers for use
Feeder A herdsman.
Fell monger One who removes hair or wool from hides in preparation for leather making, or a dealer in hides & sheepskins.
Feller A woodcutter, or a person who laid or felled seams in textiles.
Felter worker in the hatting industry
Fence Viewer A person who inspects farmer's fences.
Feroner An ironmonger.
Ferreter Dealer in or manufacturer of ferret, or silk tape.
Ferur or Ferator A farrier or blacksmith.
Festitian Doctor or Physician
Fettler cleaned the machinery in woollen mills, removing accumulated fibres, grease, etc, or one who sharpened the fustian cutters knives, or a needlemaker who filed the needle to a point.
Feuar A holder of lands granted for services
Fever A blacksmith.
Fewster A maker of saddletrees.
Fewterer The keeper of hounds, for hunting or coursing. A keeper of greyhounds.
Feydur Beater A feather beater.
Field Master See Hayward
File Cutter - Maker a maker of files, involved the cutting of grooves on the file surface
Filler A person who filled bobbins in mills.
Fine Drawer One who is employed in tailoring to repair tears in the cloth. Invisible mending.
Finisher operated machine giving final touches to a manufactured article in various trades
Finisher's Assistant assisted - obvious really
Firebeater A person who tended the boilers that powered the machinery in a cotton mill.
First Hand silk weaver who had his own loom (an outworker)
Fiscere A fisherman.
Fish Curer cured fish
Fisher or Fishdryver A victualler
Fish Fag female fish monger
Fish Hawker sold fish on the street
Fish Monger sold fish from a shop
Fish Porter carried and delivered boxes of fish in the fish market
Fisherman/woman caught fish
Fitter A common term for a person who assembled several portions of machinery together, or a coal broker.
Flasher A specialist process worker in the glass industry.
Flatman Navigated a broad flat-bottomed boat used for transport, especially in shallow waters. Common in the salt trade.
Flauner A confectioner.
Flaxdresser prepared flax prior to spinning
Flesher A butcher or a person who worked in a tannery, or a nickname for a pimp.
Fleshewer A butcher.
Fleshmonger butcher or one who worked in a tannery
Fletcher One who made bows and arrows; arrowsmith
Floater A vagrant.
Floatman See Flatman.
Florist sold flowers from a shop
Flower An archer (Flo-arrow).
Flower Hawker/Seller/Coster sold flowers on the street
Flower Maker made flowers (artificial)
Flower Worker worked in the flower trade; looking after growing flowers
Flusherman cleaned out water mains
Flycoachman or Flyman driver of one-horse carriage hired by the day
Flying Stationer street broadsheet seller
Flyman Driver of a light vehicle hired out for carriage of passengers, or a theatre stage hand.
Fogger Petty chapman, carrying wares from village to village, or a middleman in the nail and chain trade, or an agricultural worker responsible for feeding the cattle, or a low class lawyer (Pettifogger).
Foister or Foisterer A joiner.
Foot Boy A servant or attendant in livery.
Foot Maiden female servant
Foot Man servant who ran errands, or one who opened the doors for passengers
Foot Pad thief or robber
Foot Post letter carrier or messenger who travelled on foot
Foot Straightener In watchmaking, a person who assembled watch and clock dials.
Foreman a person in charge in almost any industry
Forestarius A forester.
Forester A game warden or forest ranger.
Forgeman, Smith or Forger blacksmith, worker at a forge
Forkner A falconer.
Fossetmaker who made faucets for ale-casks, etc
Fower A street cleaner, sweeper.
Fowler or Fugler keeper or catcher of birds
Framar A farmer
Frame Mounter mounted frames
Frame Spinner A worker on a loom.
Framer A person who made frames for houses.
Framework Knitter An operator of a machine which made hosiery. Originally a hand loom was used. Often abbreviated to FWK.
Freedman one released from slavery
Freeholder one who holds land by fee simple. In colonial times, a freeholder had the right to vote and hold public office.
Freeman one who held the full rights of citizenship, such as voting and engaging in business, and a man who had served his apprenticeship and who could then work at his trade in his own right.
Freemason stonecutter
French Polisher polished quality wooden furniture using French polish, wax or special lacquer
Frereman servant of the Friars.
Freser A maker of frieze, a rough plaster.
Freshwater Man A sailor who sailed boat on fresh water only or in the coastal trade.
Fringemaker A person who made fringes, ornamental borders of cloth.
Fripperer A buyer & seller of old clothes.
Friseur A hairdresser.
Frobisher or Furbisher remover of rust, a polisher of metal, eg. armour
Fruiterer or Fruit Salesman sold fruit from a shop
Fruitestere A female fruit seller.
Fruit Hawker sold fruit on the street
Fruit Sorter sorted fruit
Fulker A pawnbroker
Fuller fulls cloth; shrinks and thickens woollen cloth using fullers earth by moistening, heating, and pressing; one who cleans and finishes cloth
Funambulist A tightrope walker.
Funeral Coachman Drove a funeral coach or hearse.
Funeral Wreath Maker Made wreaths for funerals
Fur Cape Maker Made fur capes
Fur Cutter Cut fur
Fur Dealer Bought and sold fur and articles made from fur.
Fur Dresser Dressed fur
Fur Machinist Machined fur
Fur Puller Pulled fur
Fur Sewer Sewed fur
Fur Trimmer Trimmed fur
Furbisher, Furber or Furbour armor polisher, see Frobisher
Furner baker
Furnisher Dealt in furniture
Furniture Labourer A labourer in the furniture industry
Furrier seller, dresser or maker of furs
Fustian Weaver A maker of corduroy.
Fuyster See Foister.