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Victorian Occupations

A collection of the occupations or job descriptions of the people living in London in the 1890's.  Most of the descriptions are fairly self explanatory, I'll elaborate on the ones that aren't in due course.


Laborer see general laborer
Labourer see general labourer
Lace Drawer A child employed in lace work, drawing out threads.
Laceman A dealer in lace.
Lace Master or Mistress Someone who employed workers in factories or in their homes for the production of lace
Lace Runner Someone who embroidered patterns on lace.
Lace Warehouseman employed in a lace warehouse
Lacewoman A lady's maid.
Ladies Jacket Maker Someone who made lady's jackets.
Lady's Tailor Someone who specialised in tailoring for ladies.
Lagger A sailor.
Lagraetman A constable.
Lamp Maker
Lamplighter Gas
Land proprietor Manages land.
Landsman A seaman on his first voyage.
Land Waiter A customs officer whose job was to wait or attend on landed goods.
Lapidary Someone who cuts, polishes or engraves precious or semi-precious stones.
Lardner The keeper of the cupboard, or an official in charge of pig food.
Laster A shoe maker, one who uses a last, a cobbler.
Lath Render or Renderer A plasterer's assistant, someone who puts the first coat of plaster onto laths on walls and ceiling.
Latouner Someone who works with latten, a brass-like metal alloy.
Lattener A brass worker. See Latouner.
Launderer washer
Launderess or Laundress A washer woman.
Laundry Woman A washer woman
Lavender A washer woman (from French laver - to wash).
Law clerk a clerk who works for a court or a solicitor
Layer Someone who works in a paper mill.
Lead Factory Hand
Lead miner
Leaf Stripper someone who strips leaves from tobacco plants
Learner or Learning anyone learning a trade which is not an apprenticeship
Leather Cutter cuts leather
Leather Drawer draws leather
Leather Dresser dresses leather
Leather Seller sells leather
Leather Sewer sews leather
Leavelooker Someone who examined food on sale at market.
Lederer A leather maker
Leech A physician. Also known as a Sawbones.
Legerdemainist A magician.
Legger A canal boatman who had to leg the barges through tunnels as they were not big enough for horses to get through. See Horse Marine.
Leightonward A gardener.
Lemon Dealer
Letter Carrier A postman
Letterpress Printer A printer using the letterpress printing method.
Licensed Messenger A messenger
Licensed Reader, Preach A preacher
Licensed Victualler one who is licensed to sell alcoholic beverages
Life Buoy Maker
Lighterman A worker on a flat-bottomed boat, a lighter.
Limeburner A maker of lime.
Limner A draughtsman or artist. An illustrator or painter.
Linen, flax manufacturer A manufacturer of linen.
Linener A shirtmaker, or linen draper.
Liner or Lyner A flax dresser.
Linkerboy or Man Someone who carried a link or torch to guide people through the streets at night for a small fee, or a general manservant.
Lint Maker Someone who made lint.
Lister or Litster Someone who dyed textiles.
Litho Printer A printer who used the litho method.
Litterman A horse groom.
Liveryman Cared for horses for a fee
Loadsman A ship's pilot.
Loblolly Boy An errand boy, or a surgeon's assistant on a ship.
Lock Keeper Someone who oversees the operation of canal locks.
Lodge Porter Someone who looks after a lodging house.
Lodging House Keeper Someone in charge of a lodging house.
Lodging House Manager Someone in charge of or owner of a lodging house.
Lodger Someone who sleeps in a lodging house. See Boarder.
Log Reader
Log Wood Grinder Someone who prepared a dye made from logwood, used in the textile industry.
Lokeer A locksmith
Longshoreman A stevedore
Long Song Seller A street seller who sold songsheets of popular music printed on paper about a yard long.
Looking Glass Fitter Someone who fits mirrors.
Looking Glass Gilder Someone who gilds the frames of mirrors.
Looking Glass Maker Someone who makes mirrors.
Lorimer, Loriner or Lormer A maker of bridles, spits, and other metal parts for the harnesses of horses. Also a maker of small ironware, or a worker in wrought iron. See Spurrier
Lorner Maker of horse gear
Lotseller A street seller.
Lum Swooper A chimney sweep.
Lumper A dock labourer who loaded and unloaded timber from ships, who was employed by a Master Lumper. Also a fine grained saltmaker, from the practice of moulding salt into lumps.
Lungs An alchemist's servant whose duty was to fan the fire.