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Victorian Occupations

A collection of the occupations or job descriptions of the people living in London in the 1890's.  Most of the descriptions are fairly self explanatory, I'll elaborate on the ones that aren't in due course.


Maccaroni Loper
Machine Boy A boy who operated a machine.
Machine Breaker English labourers who in the early 19th century revolted and broke threshing machines, spinning machines, and other forms of mechanisation.
Machine Girl A girl who operated a machine.
Machine Ruler or Machiner A machine operator
Machinist A machine operator
Macon A mason.
Macun A mason.
Maderer A person who gathered and sold garlic.
Maid A female domestic servant. They included Scullery, Kitchen, House, General, Parlour, Nurse, Laundry, Lady's etc.
Mail Guard An armed guard employed to protect the mail coach service.
Maise Maker A person who made measures for weighing herring catch.
Maker-Up A person who prepared or 'made up' material to customers clothing requirements, or chemist or druggist, or an agent for paraffin.
Malemaker A maker of "Males" or travelling bags. A Royal Mail term for the bags in which the letters were carried.
Malender A farmer
Maler See Malemaker.
Malster or Maltster A brewer, maker or seller of malt beverages; beer and ale.
Manager in charge of; any industry
Manageress in charge of; any industry.
Manageress do A woman in charge of; any industry.
Manchester Man A wholesale travelling salsman trading between factory and shops with goods on packhorses.
Manciple A steward
Mangle Keeper woman who offered use of a mangle for a fee
Mangle Worker or Mangler Someone who works a mangle
Mango A slave dealer.
Mantle Cutter Someone who cut mantles for gas lamps.
Mantle Finisher Someone who finished mantles for gas lamps.
Mantle Forewoman A highly skilled dressmaker.
Mantle Machinist Someone who machined mantles for gas lamps.
Mantle Maker Someone who made mantles for gas lamps.
Mantle Trimming Maker Someone who made the trimming for gas mantles
Mantua Maker A Dressmaker. Mantua is a woman's loose gown.
Manufacturer, Mechanic
Manufacturing chemist, labourer
Marble Mason
Marble Polisher, Mason
Marbler one who stained paper or other material, veined to imitate marble
Marescallus A marshall.
Marine Store Dealer A person who buys and sells used cordage, bunting, rags, timber, metal, etc, sorts waste, repairs and mends sacks.
Mariner A sailor, or seaman.
Mark Cutter
Market Carrier A porter.
Market Labourer A labourer in the market.
Market Porter A porter
Market Regulator Regulates trade in the market.
Market Salesman Sells item in a market.
Market Warehouseman A labourer.
Marshall A horse doctor or shoesmith. Alternative definition, a horse servant or groom.
Marshman Someone employed by landowners to look after marshlands and tend the animals put to graze there for the season.
Mashmaker Someone who makes the mash-vats or mashels used for mixing malt.
Marson A mason.
Mason A stone dresser or cutter.
Mason, or Paviour lays paving stones
Master The holder of one of three grades of skill recognised by the Guild of Crafts. A skilled workman or one in business on his own.
Master Baker A highly skilled baker.
Master Carman A cab driver who works for himself or employs others to drive.
Master Lumper A contractor of labourers at cheap rate of pay.
Master Mariner The Captain of a sea going vessel.
Master Tailor A highly skilled tailor
Match Box Maker Someone who makes matchboxes.
Match Maker Someone who makes matches.
Match Seller, Coster Someone who sells matches.
Matchbox Maker Someone who makes matchboxes.
Matchet or Machete Forger A knifemaker, or machetemaker; a heavy axe-like knife used as a chopping tool.
Matchgirl Sold matches on the street (Six for a fip)
Mather See Mawer.
Matron - Institute Head nurse in charge of a ward in an institution.
Mawer A mower.
Mayer A physician.
Mealman dealer in meal or flour
Meat Porter A person who carried meat from place to place in a meat market.
Mechanic A manual labourer, working in a trade, or the operator of a machine, or a person who uses machinery to produce things.
Medical Assistant Assistant to a Doctor.
Medicus A leech doctor.
Melder A corn miller.
Mercator A merchant
Mercer Someone who sells cloth, mainly silks and velvets. A Draper.
Merchant Someone who sells things
Messenger Someone who carries messages.
Metalman A worker in metal
Meterer A poet.
Met Policeman metropolitan police officer
Midwife experienced woman who assists in child birth
Milk Carrier Someone who carries milk.
Milk Dairyman Someone who keeps dairy cattle and produces milk.
Miller One who operated a mill; grain, cloth, timber etc.
Milleress A female miller, or the miller's wife
Milliner Someone who sells fancy wares and articles of apparel, or the maker of ladies hats, bonnets, etc.
Millner See Milliner.
Millow A miller.
Millpeck Someone who sharpens mill stones.
Millstone Inspector A vagrant, a gentleman of the road.
Millwright designer & builder of mills or mill machinery
Miner Someone who works in a mine, digging for coal, iron, lead, tin ore, etc.
Mintmaker, Mintmaster or Mintner One who issued local currency.
Mixer A barman or barwoman.
Mocado Weaver A weaver of woollen cloth called mock velvet, used for making clothes.
Molendinarius or Muner A miller.
Molitor A miller
Mondayman A person who worked for the landowner on Mondays in lieu of rent.
Monger A dealer or seller of goods (ale, fish)
Monthly Nurse someone who assisted women during the first month after giving birth
Moulder maker of molds or castings, brickmaker
Moulder Runner A pottery moulder's assistant.
Mountebank A seller of ineffectual patent medicines. A "Snake Oil Salesman".
Mouse Trap Maker
Mudlark A sewer cleaner or riverbank scavenger
Muffin Maker A baker who made muffins, or a pottery worker who made a specific type of plate called a muffin, a seven inch tea plate.
Muffin Man An itinerant seller of muffins.
Muggler See Pigman.
Mugseller Someone who sells mugs and cups.
Muleteer A mule driver.
Multurer A miller.
Musicker A musician.
Music Teacher
Musical Student
Musician, Music master Someone who made music.
Muslin manufacture Someone who made muslin.
Mustarder See Mustardman
Mustard Maker made and sold mustard.
Mustardman A dealer in mustard.