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Victorian Occupations

A collection of the occupations or job descriptions of the people living in London in the 1890's.  Most of the descriptions are fairly self explanatory, I'll elaborate on the ones that aren't in due course.


Gabeler A tax collector.
Gaffer foreman of a work crew, or an elderly rustic, an old man.
Gaffman a bailiff
Gager A tax collector of liquor taxes.
Galvaniser iron worker who coated metal with zinc, to inhibit rust
Gamekeeper looked after the grounds and protected the game against poachers on a country estate
Gamester gambler or prostitute
Ganger or Gangsman An overseer or foreman
Ganneker A tavern keeper.
Gaoler A keeper of the gaol, a jailer
Garcifer or Garcio A groom, or attendant.
Gardener looked after gardens
Garlekmonger or Garlicmonger A dealer in garlic.
Garthman A yardman or herdsman, or one responsible for the upkeep of a garth, a dam built in a river to catch fish.
Gas Fitter & Plumber fitted gas appliances; gas lamps initially, and lead piping
Gas Stoker stoked the fire in a gas works
Gater A watchman.
Gatherer A glassworker who inserted the blow iron into the molten glass ready for the glass blower.
Gatherer's Boy A person who held a shovel to shield the gatherer's face from the heat of a fire or furnace.
A goat keeper.
Gauger A customs official who measured the capacity of imported barrels of liquor in order to calculate the customs duty.
Gaunter A glover
Gaveller A Usurer, or in the Forest of Dean, an officer of the Crown who granted gales or the right to work a mine, or in Suffolk a harvest worker, usually female.
Gelder A castrator of animals, usually horses.
General Dealer, Shop a shop that sold almost everything. General was often abreviated to Gen, or Gen'l.
General Laborer American spelling of general labourer
General Labourer general labourer, usually lifting and carrying etc
General Servant general servant, usually domestic
Gentleman a member of the gentry, a descendant from an aristocratic family whose income came from the rental of his land.
Geometer A person skilled in geometry.
Gerund Grinder A nickname for a latin instructor.
Gilder applies gold leaf
Gimler A machinist involved in making a gimp, a kind of card.
Ginerr A joiner.
Ginour or Gynour An engineer.
Girdler A leather worker who made girdles and belts, mainly in the army.
Girthhoxter See Girthweaver.
Glass Blower maker of glass items
Glass Coachman A driver of a two-horse carriage hired out for the day.
Glassman A seller of glassware.
Glassewryght, or Glasswright maker and mender of glassware.
Glazier glass cutter or window glassman
Glove Finisher finished gloves
Glover One that makes or sells gloves
Goat Carriage Man A driver of small passenger carriage.
Gobar A jobber.
Gold Beater Someone who beats gold to shape it into something.
Gold Embroider Someone who embroiders in gold thread.
Goldsmith maker of gold articles. Also a nickname for a banker.
Goldsmith, silversmith Maker of gold and silver articles.
Goodman a solid member of the community who ranked above a free-man but below a gentleman on the social scale.
Goose Herd A person who keeps or tends geese.
Gorzeman A person who sells gorse or broom.
Grace Wife A midwife.
Graffer A notary or scrivener.
Granger farmer
Graver An engraver, a carver or sculptor, or a dockside worker who cleaned ships bottoms by burning and tarring.
Grazier pastures and raises cattle
Greave or Grieve A bailiff, foreman or sheriff.
Grecher A grocer.
Green Grocer Someone who sells fruit and vegetables.
Green Smith Someone who works with copper & latten
Greenwich Barber A retailer of sand collected from the Greenwich pits.
Griffin A European newly arrived in India, and unaccustomed to Indian ways; a novice, a newcomer, a greenhorn.
Grimbribber A lawyer.
Grinder One who operated a grinding machine in various trades, or a worker who maintained a carding machine in the textile industry, or a private tutor (slang).
Grindery Dealer dealer in ground stuff; spices etc
Grocer short for green groce
Grocer's Manager manager of a green grocer's shop
Grocery & General Dealer sold almost everything including fruit and veg
Groom looked after horses
Groover A miner.
Groundsel & Chickweed Seller A street seller of common weeds, used to feed pet song-birds.
Guardian Appointed by the court, someone who cares for the property and rights of a minor or someone incapable of handling his or her own affairs.
Guilderer A maker of gold or silver coins
Guinea Pig An unattached or roving person whose fee was usually a guinea (slang).
Gummer A person who improved old saws by deepening the cuts.
Gunsmith, Gun manfacturer made guns
Gynour or Ginour An engineer.
Gyp college servant especially one attending undergraduates