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Victorian Occupations

A collection of the occupations or job descriptions of the people living in London in the 1890's.  Most of the descriptions are fairly self explanatory, I'll elaborate on the ones that aren't in due course.


Wabster A weaver.
Waggoner Someone who drove a wagon, a carrier.
Wagoner wagon or cart driver
Wailer Someone employed in the mines to remove the impurities from the coal.
Wainwright A builder or repairer of wagons
Waistcoat Maker
Waiter Customs officer or tide waiter; one who waited on the tide to collect duty on goods brought in
Waiter, Inn Someone who waited on tables at an inn.
Waitman A night watchman.
Waitress, Inn A female who waited on tables at an inn.
Wakeman A night watchman.
Walker A cloth worker who cleaned and thickened the cloth by wetting it then walking over it.
Walking Stick Dresser someone who dressed walking sticks.
Walking Stick Maker Someone who made walking sticks.
Waller someone who built walls either with bricks or dry stone, also someone who worked making coarse salt.
Wantcatcher Someone employed to catch moles.
Wanter A mole catcher
Warder Someone in charge of prisoners.
Wardrobe Dealer Someone who dealt in wardrobes.
Wardrobe Shop Keeper Keeper of a shop which sold wardrobes.
Wards Maid Hospital
Warehouse Boy An assistant in a warehouse.
Warehouse Lad An assistant in a warehouse.
Warehouse Man Someone in charge of or employee in a warehouse.
Warehouse Porter An employee in a warehouse.
Warper Someone who set the warp thread on the looms, also someone employed to move boats by hauling on the warps (the ropes attached to the boats).
Warrener Someone in charge of a portion of land used for breeding rabbits and other small game.
Washman A tin coater.
Wasteman Someone employed in the mines to check the old workings for gas and maintain them in good order. A person employed to remove waste.
Waste Paper Dealer Someone who dealt in waste paper.
Watch & Clock Maker Someone who makes watches and clocks.
Watch Finisher assembled watches and clocks
Watchman A town official who guarded the streets at night.
Water Bailiff official in charge of the fishing rights on a stretch of water
Water Carrier Someone who carried and sold fresh water
Water Cress Woman A woman who grew and sold water cress.
Water Gilder Someone who trapped water fowl.
Water Leader, Leder or Loder Someone who transported and sold fresh drinking water.
Waterman someone who worked with or on boats usually on rivers.
Waterproof Cab Maker Someone who waterproofed cabs.
Waterproof Garment Maker Someone who made waterproof clothing.
Waterproofer Someone who made things waterproof.
Waterside Labourer A dock labourer who worked on the ships in harbour.
Wattle Hurdle Maker Someone who made a type of fence from wattle to keep the sheep in.
Waulkmiller See Walker.
Waver A weaver
Way Maker employed to make roads
Way Man surveyor of roads
Weatherspy An astrologer
Weaver Someone who weaves.
Webber A weaver.
Webster A weaver operating weaving looms (originally a female weaver).
Weeder Someone employed to remove the weeds from the gardens of the rich.
Weigher Someone employed on the docks to weigh the cargo as it was unloaded.
Wellmaster Someone in charge of the local well with the responsibility of ensuring clean water for the village.
Well Sinker Someone who dug wells.
Well Wright Someone who made the winding equipment used to raise the bucket in the well.
Wet Glover Someone who made leather gloves.
Wet Nurse woman employed to suckle the child of another (common practice with the rich)
Wetter Someone employed to dampen paper during the printing process. Also someone in the glass industry who detached the glass by wetting.
Whacker A horse or oxen team driver.
Wharfanger The owner of a wharf.
Wharfinger The owner of a wharf, or one who is in charge.
Wharf Labourer A labourer who works on a wharf.
Wheeler wheel maker, attended to the spinning wheel in the textile industry
Wheelwright maker or repairer of wagon wheels, carriages
Wheeryman Someone in charge of a wheery, a small light rowing boat.
Whig A horse driver.
Whipcord Maker Someone who made whips.
Whipmaker Someone who made whips.
Whipperin Someone who managed the hounds in a hunt.
Whitcher Someone who makes chests.
Whit Cooper Someone who made barrels etc from tin.
Whitear Someone who cleaned hides.
White Limer Someone who plastered walls using lime and water plaster.
Whitener Someone who bleached cloth.
Whitening Moulder
Whitening Roll Maker Someone who made the whitening used in whitening walls of cottages.
Whitesmith Tinsmith; worker of iron who finishes or polishes the work
Whitester Someone who bleached cloth.
Whitewing A street sweeper.
Whitster Someone who bleached cloth.
Whittawer Someone who made saddles and harnesses. Also someone who prepared white leather.
Wholesale Butcher A butcher who supplied other shops rather than the general public.
Wholesale Oilman Someone who supplied oil to oil dealers.
Willeyer Someone who throws handfulls of wool or hair, hemp or flax tow, etc., on to the feed apparatus of a willeying machine. A textile process.
Willow Plaiter or Weaver Someone who made baskets, etc.
Winder Someone who transferred the yarn from bobbins onto cheeses or into balls ready for weaving. Also, in the mines someone who operated the pulley or winch.
Window Cleaner Someone who cleaned windows.
Windster A silk winder.
Wine and spirit merchant A dealer in wine and spirits.
Wire Drawer Someone who made wire from metal by drawing the metal through various size holes in a template.
Wire Frame Maker
Wire Worker Someone who works with wire.
Wonkey-Scoop A driver who operates a one horse scoop.
Wood Box Maker Someone who makes wooden boxes.
Woodbreaker Someone who made wooden water casks.
Wood Carver Someone who carves in wood.
Wood Chopper Someone who chops wood.
Wood Cutter Someone who cuts wood.
Woodranger Someone in charge of the forest or woods.
Woodreeve Someone in charge of the forest or woods.
Wood Sawyer Someone who saws wood.
Wood Tier
Wood, Timber Merchant Someone who dealt in wood.
Wood Turner Someone who turns wood on a lathe.
Woodward Someone in charge of the forest or woods.
Woodworker Someone who works with wood.
Wool Comber Someone employed in the woollen mills to operate the machines that separate the fibres ready for spinning.
Wool Driver Someone who brought the wool to market.
Wool Factor wool merchants agent.
Wool Grower A sheep farmer.
Wool Knitter Someone who knits wool.
Wool Labourer A general labourer who works in the woollen industry.
Wool Man Someone who sorted the wool into different grades.
Wool Sorter or Woolsorter Someone who sorted the wool into different grades.
Wool Stapler Someone who sorted the wool into different grades.
Woolsted Man A seller of woollen cloth; from worsted man.
Wool Winder Someone who made up balls of wool for selling.
Woolen or Woollen Billy Piecer Someone employed in the woollen mills to piece together the broken yarns.
Woollen cloth manufacture The owner of a woollen cloth factory.
Working Builder A builder.
Working in Fur Someone who works with fur.
Works in Soap Factory Someone who works in a soap factory.
Worsted Manufacturer Someone who made worsted cloth.
Worsted Shearman Someone who made worsted cloth.
Worsted Winder Someone who winds wool.
Wright A skilled workman; builder or repairer, many different trades.
Writer Someone who writes, a scribe or a clerk.
Wyrtha A labourer.