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Victorian Occupations

A collection of the occupations or job descriptions of the people living in London in the 1890's.  Most of the descriptions are fairly self explanatory, I'll elaborate on the ones that aren't in due course.


Tabernarius A taverner, or innkeeper.
Table Maker Someone who made tables.
Tabler A boarding house proprietor.
Tackler An overlooker of power loom weavers.
Tailor Someone who made or repaired clothes.
Tailor & Clothier Someone who made or repaired clothes.
Tailor Coat Hand A tailor's assistant.
Tailor Hand A tailor's assistant.
Tailoress A female tailor
Tailor's Apprentice Someone learning the tailor's trade.
Tailor's Assistant A tailor's assistant.
Tailor's Cutter A tailor's assistant - cuts cloth.
Tailor's Labourer A tailor's assistant.
Tailor's Machiner A tailor's assistant - machines cloth.
Tailor's Machinist A tailor's assistant - machines cloth.
Tailor's Presser A tailor's assistant - presses cloth.
Taker Off or Taker In Someone, often a child, employed to unhitch the coal tubs from the endless rope system.
Tallow Chandler Someone who made or sold candles
Tally Clerk Someone who kept count of goods arriving or departing from warehouses, docks etc.
Tallyman or Tally Fellow Someone who sold goods that were paid for in instalments.
Tan Bark Stripper Someone who collected the bark that was used in the tanning process.
Tannator A tanner.
Tanner One who tans (cures) animal hides into leather
Taper A candlewick maker or seller.
Taper Weaver Someone who made the wicks for candles.
Tapicer or Tapiter Someone who wove worsted cloth.
Tapley One who puts the tap in an ale cask
Tapster Someone employed to serve the beer in public houses, a barman.
Tarpaulin Maker Someone who made tarpaulins.
Tarrier Someone in charge of a pack of terriers used for hunting.
Tasker A reaper or thresher.
Tasseler Someone who made tassels used in furnishings. Also a nobleman.
Taverner An inn keeper.
Tawer Someone who made white leather.
Tawyer Someone who made white leather.
Tea Cooper tea chests were fastened with metal bands.  Any container fastened with metal bands was considered a cooper's trade
Tea Packer Someone who packs tea into boxes.
Teacher someone who teaches.
Teacher, School someone who teaches.
Teamer or Teamer man Someone in charge of a team of horses.
Teamster Someone in charge of a team of horses.
Teemer Someone who emptied grain from the cart, or someone who poured the molten steel into the moulds.
Teinter A dyer.
Telegraph Messenger Someone who delivers messages sent by telegraph.
Telegraphist & Clerk Someone who sends and receives telegraph messages.
Tenter Someone who stretched the cloth on a machine whilst it was drying, or who looked after and maintained the machine used in the process. Also a term for someone who looked after something e.g. a door tenter or pony tenter in the mining industry.
Terrier Someone in charge of a pack of terriers used for hunting.
Textor A weaver.
Thacker A roof thatcher.
Thatcher roofer, one who covered roofs with straw or reeds.
Thirdborough An under, or deputy constable. Also a tithing man.
Thresher Someone who separated the grain from the husks and straw.
Throwster Someone in the textile trade who twisted the strands of fibre together into yarn.
Ticket Writer Someone who writes tickets.
Tickney Man or Woman Someone who sold earthenware from town to town.
Tide Gauger Someone who monitored the state of the tide.
Tide Surveyor Someone who monitored the state of the tide.
Tide waiter Customs inspector
Tidesman A customs officer who checked the goods being unloaded from ships to ascertain the amount of duty due.
Tiemaker or Tie Maker someone who made wooden railway ties.
Tiger A small groom or pageboy in livery.
Tiler Someone who lays tiles on roofs or floors.
Tiller A farmer.
Tillman A ploughman.
Tiltmaker Someone who made canvas awnings or canopies.
Timber Dealer Someone who dealt in timber.
Timber Porter Someone who carried or moved timber.
Timekeeper Someone responsible for making sure things happened on time e.g. worker arriving or departing, trains, coaches, buses, etc.
Times Ironer Someone responsible for ironing the daily newspaper.
Tinctor A dyer.
Tinker An itinerant tin pot and pan seller and repairman
Tinman a tinsmith or tinker
Tin miner Someone who mined tin ore.
Tinner Someone who worked in the tin mines or a tinsmith.
Tin Plate Worker Someone who worked with tin plate.
Tinsmith or Tin Smith Someone who worked with tin.
Tinter or Teinter An artist who performs tinting.
Tipper Someone who put the metal tips on arrows, etc.
Tippler Someone who ran an alehouse.
Tipstaff A policeman or court official.
Tirewoman A milliner, a hairdresser, or a female dresser, often in the theatre.
Tixtor A weaver.
Tobacco Spinner maker of cigars
Tobacconist shop selling tobacco products
Todd or Todhunter Someone employed by the parish to hunt foxes.
Toe Rag worked at the docks as a corn porter
Toilinet Manufacturer Someone who made toilinet (a kind of quilting).
Toller Someone who collected tolls.
Tollgate Keeper Someone who worked at the toll gate to collect fees for the use of the road.
Tollie See Tollgate Keeper
Tollman Someone who collected tolls.
Tonsor A barber, or men's hairdresser. (Latin)
Tool Helver Someone who made tool handles.
Topman A sailor who works in the ship's rigging.
Top Sawyer The upper man in a saw pit.
Topsman The head cattle drover.
Touch Holer Someone who worked in the gun manufacturing industry.
Tow Card Maker Someone who made tow cards, used in the textile industry.
Town Chamberlain Someone who looked after the towns affairs.
Town Crier one who made public announcments in the streets
Town Husband Someone employed by the parish to collect money from the fathers of illegitimate children for their upkeep.
Townswaiter A customs official.
Toy Maker Someone who made toys.
Toyman or Toy Dealer Someone who sold children's toys.
Tozer Someone who worked in the wool mills employed to tose or tease the cloth.
A shopkeeper or a skilled craftsman.
Trammer A young person who worked in the mines.
Trampler A lawyer.
Tranqueter Someone who made hoops.
Tranter A peddler
Trapper A young person employed in the mines to open and shut the doors for the miners.
Traveller A travelling salesman.
Travelling Bag Maker Someone who made travelling bags.
Travelling Glazier Someone who replaced broken windows.
Travers Toll bridge collector
Treen Maker Someone who made domestic articles from wood.
Treenail Maker someone who made the long wooden pins used in shipbuilding.
Trenchermaker Someone who made wooden boards or platters for serving food from or cutting and slicing food on.
Trencherman A cook.
Trepanger one who used a circular saw to cut timber
Trimmer trims a ship by re-arranging its cargo
Trimmer in Braid Someone who sews braid onto the edges of clothing.
Trimmer Up
Trimming Head
Trimming Maker someone who made trimming.
Trimming Seller Someone who sold trimming.
Tripper A dancer.
Troacher A peddler.
Trolley Carter Someone who operated the tubs in the mines.
Troner A weighing official at the markets.
Trouchman An interpreter.
Trousers Finisher Someone who finished trousers.
Trover A smuggler.
Truchman An interpreter.
Truck Lad
Trugger Someone who made long shallow baskets.
Trunk Maker Someone who made trunks.
Trusser Someone who bundled and tied hay.
Tubber made tubs and barrels ie a cooper
Tubedrawer Someone who made tubes.
Tubman Someone who worked in the mines filling the tubs, or a court official, or an English barrister.
Tucker Cleaner of cloth goods
Tucker In A maid who attended the bedroom and "tucked in the bedclothes".
Tunist Someone who tuned musical instruments.
Turned Sulky
Turner a person who turns wood on a lathe into spindles, or a gymnast, particularly street performers or beggars.
Turning Boy Someone who assisted the weaver by turning the bar on the loom.
Turnkey prison warder or jail keeper
Turnpike Keeper See Tollgate Keeper.
Turnspit Someone who operated the spit handle.
Tweenie or Tweeny A maid who worked "between the stairs" she assisted the cooks and the housemaids.
Twister or Twisterer Someone who operated the machine used for twisting yarns and threads together.
Twist Hand Someone who operated a lace machine.