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Victorian Occupations

A collection of the occupations or job descriptions of the people living in London in the 1890's.  Most of the descriptions are fairly self explanatory, I'll elaborate on the ones that aren't in due course.


Rack Maiden Someone employed in the tin mines of Corwall to dress the ore, often a girl.
Raff Merchant Someone who sold fibre used to make raffia bags etc.
Raffman Someone who dealt in raff (saleable rubbish).
Rag and Bone Man went from street to street with a cart and collected any old rubbish
Rag Cutter cut up rags into small pieces to be used for making paper etc
Rag Gatherer cleared the rags from the machinery in the mills; often children
Rag Man one who went from street to street collecting and selling old clothes and rags
Rag Merchant Someone who bought and sold rags.
Rag Picker Someone who sorted through the left over rags to find reusable ones.
Rag Sorter
Railway Clerk
Railway Engine Driver, Stoker
Railway Labourer
Railway officer, clerk
Railway Station Master
Railway Porter
Railway Servant Port
Railway Shunter Someone who shunts carriages and wagons in a railway yard.
Raker A street sanitation worker.
Ratoner A rat catcher.
Rattlewatch A town watchman.
Redar Someone who interprets dreams.
Redsmith A goldsmith.
Reeder someone who worked with reeds for hedging or thatching.
Reedmaker Someone who made the pipe for a musical instrument, or a person who made a weavers implement (a reed) or reed cloth or the comb used in tapestry.
Reeler Someone employed to operate the machine that wound the yarn onto the bobbin.
Reeve A royal or manor official, appointed by the lord or elected by the peasants. A church warden.
Reever A shriever.
Refuge Attendant SA A refuge attendant with the Salvation Army
Regd Shoeing Smith registered shoeing smith
Registrar An official who registers events such as land purchases or births, marriages or deaths.
Relieving Officer An official who took charge of poor or insane persons not otherwise cared for.
Renovator Someone who repaired clothing.
Rent Collector A landlord or someone who works for them who collects rent from tenants.
Rescue Worker Someone who rescues people in trouble.
Restaurant Keeper A proprietor or owner of a restaurant.
Restaurant Proprietor A manager or owner of a restaurant.
Revenuer A taxman who enforces tax laws on liquor.
Ribbon manufacturer Someone who makes ribbons.
Rickmaster A horse Captain.
Riddler A wool stapler.
Riftere A reaper.
Rigger hoist tackle worker; works on a ship's rigging
Ripper or Rippier sold fresh water fish at the markets or maker and seller of baskets
Riverman Someone who works on a river boat.
Rivetter Someone who rivets, i.e. metal plates on a ship.
Road labourer Someone who repairs roads
Road Sweeper Someone who sweeps the streets.
Rockgetter A salt miner (rock salt).
Rockman Someone who worked in a quarry, often the one who placed the charges on the rockface.
Rodman A surveyor's assistant. See Poleman.
Roll Turner A carder of wool, cotton etc into rolls prior to spinning.
Roll Coverer Someone who covered the rollers for the spinning process.
Rolleyway Man Someone who maintained the underground road in the mines.
Roman Cementer Someone who worked with roman cement used in stuccoing.
Rope Maker Someone who makes rope.
Roper maker of rope or nets
Rotarius A wheelwright.
Rough Packing Case Maker Someone who made rough packing cases.
Rover An archer, or the operator of a machine used in the cotton mills, which prepared the carded fibre into rolls.
Rower Someone who builds small wagon wheels.
Rubbisher Someone who sorted the small stones in the quarries.
Rubbler Someone who sorted the small stones in the quarries.
Rugman A dealer in rugs and carpets.
Rule Maker, tape Someone who made tape rules.
Runner One who solicited business for a hotel, steamship, etc
Runner A smuggler, or a messenger or one who worked for the magistrate; Bow St Runners
Rustler A cattle thief.