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Victorian Occupations

A collection of the occupations or job descriptions of the people living in London in the 1890's.  Most of the descriptions are fairly self explanatory, I'll elaborate on the ones that aren't in due course.


Sack Maker Someone who made sacks.
Saddler or Harness Maker One who makes, repairs or sells saddles or other furnishings for horses
Saddle Tree Maker Someone who made the frames for saddles that the saddler used.
Safernman A grower of saffron.
Sagger Maker someone who made the fireclay containers in which the stoneware was placed ready for firing.
Sail Mantle Maker A sailmaker.
Sailor Someone who worked on a ship at sea.
Salesman Someone who sold things.
Saleswoman A woman who sold things.
Saloonist A saloon keeper.
Salt Boiler Someone who obtained salt by boiling water.
Salter Someone who made or dealt in salt.
Samitere or Samite Someone who makes a kind of heavy silk.
Sand Boiler
Sandesman A messenger or ambassador.
Sandwichman Someone who wears a sandwich billboard for advertising.
Sanitas Packer
Sarcinet Weaver A silk weaver.
Saucer Someone who made or dealt in salt.
Sauntere Someone who made or dealt in salt.
Sausere A salter.
Savant A servant.
Sawbones A surgeon or physician.
Saw Maker Someone who made saws.
Sawdust Dealer Someone who bought and sold sawdust.
Sawyer carpenter, one who saws timber to boards
Say Weaver Someone who made Say, a material used for table cloths or bedding.
Scaffolder Someone who erected scaffolding for building work.
Scabbler Someone who uses a scabbler (pick) to trim the sides of a tunnel.
Scagiola Maker Someone who made imitation marble.
Scaleraker or Scavenger employed by the parish to clean the streets
Scappler Someone who roughly shaped the stone prior to being finished by the stonemason.
Scavelman employed to keep the waterways and ditches clear
School Master A schoolteacher.
School Mistress A schoolteacher.
School Teacher A schoolteacher.
Schrimpschonger An artisan who carves in bone, ivory, or wood.
Schumacker A shoemaker.
Scotch Draper Someone who sold goods door to door with payment to be made by instalments.
Scotchman Someone who sold goods door to door with payment to be made by instalments.
Screener Someone who screened the ore at the mines surface.
Scribbler Someone employed in a scribbling mill where the wool was roughly carded before spinning, or a minor or worthless author.
Scribe clerk
Scriber Someone who worked at the docks marking the cotton bales with the approximate weight ready for selling by the brokers.
Scribler A minor or worthless author
Scrimer A fencing master.
Scripture Reader Someone employed by the clergy to go from house to house reading parts of the bible to try and encourage people to attend church.
Scrivener Professional or public copyist or writer; notary public
Scrutineer An election judge
Scullery Maid female servant who performed all the menial tasks
Scullion male servant who performed all the menial tasks
Scutcher Someone who beat the flax to soften the straw.
Sculptor Someone who made sculptures.
Seal Mantle Maker Someone who made gas mantles.
Seal Presser Someone who worked in the glass industry.
Seaman A sailor.
Seamstress Someone who sewed seams.
Searcher A customs officer.
Seedsman A dealer of seeds, or a sower of seeds
Seed Warehousewoman A seed warehouse worker.
Seedwoman, Cook
Seinter A girdle maker.
Seler or Sellarius A saddler.
Self Acting Minder Someone in charge of the automatic spinning mule in a mill.
Seller of Cats Meat Someone who sold cats meat.
Semi Lorer Someone who made leather thongs.
Sempster A seamstress.
Sempstress A seamstress.
Seneschal A senior steward at the Manor.
Servant, General, Domestic A domestic servant.
Serviens A sergeant.
Servus A servant.
Sevier A sieve maker.
Sewer A tailor or shoemaker.
Sewer Hunter A scavenger who concentrated on the sewers looking for valuable objects.
Sewer Rat bricklayer who specialised in making and repairing sewers and tunnels
Sewer, Shirt Someone who sews shirts.
Sewing Clerk The collector of piecework clothing.
Sewster seamstress
Sewsward of Boots A man who sewed boots.
Sexton employee or officer of a church who cared and upkept church property
Shagreen Case Maker Someone who worked with shagreen leather.
Shanty Man A lumber man.
Sharecropper A tenant farmer who would be paid with part of the crop.
Sharman Someone who raised the surface of wollen cloth and then sheared it to a smooth surface; cutter of woolen cloth.
Shearer Someone who cut the fleece from sheep.
Sheargrinder Someone who sharpened shears, scissors, etc.
Shearman Someone who sheared cloth or metal, or skilled worker who sheared the nap from cloth.
Sheath Maker Someone who made scabbards for swords.
Sheepman A sheep herder.
Shepster A sheep shearer or a dressmaker.
Sherman Someone who raised the surface of wollen cloth and then sheared it to a smooth surface; cutter of woolen cloth.
Shether See Vaginarius.
Shingler A roof tiler who used wooden tiles; shingles.
Ship Engineer The engineer on a ship.
Ship Husband repairer of ships while in harbour
Ship Master owner or captain of a ship
Ships Chandler grocer, provisioner, usually associated with provisioning ships
Shipwright constructor or repairer or ships; a shipbuilder.
Shirt Draper
Shirt Dresser
Shirt Maker
Shoe Black
Shoe Cutter
Shoe Finder Someone who sells shoe maker's tools.
Shoe Maker
Shoe Maker Finish
Shoe Manufacturer
Shoe Smith A cobbler, or someone who shoed horses.
Shoe Trimmer
Shoe Wiper A servant who polished shoes.
Shoeing Smith
Shoes Last
Shoesmith cobbler, one who shoed horses
Shop Assistant
Shop Boy
Shop Girl
Shop Keeper
Shot Firer Someone in charge of blasting in mines or quarries.
Shrager Someone who trimmed and pruned trees.
Shrieve A sheriff
Shrievet A sheriff
Shuffler A yardman on a farm.
Shunter one who moved rolling stock around the railway yards
Shuttle Maker Someone who made the shuttles for the weaving mills.
Sick Nurse
Sickleman A reaper.
Sidesman Someone who assisted the churchwarden.
Sifker A sieve maker.
Sign Painter or Writer Someone who paints or writes signs.
Silk Dresser Someone who prepared the silk for weaving.
Silk Dyer Someone who dyed silk.
Silk Engine Turner Someone who turned the wheel on the automatic silk weaving looms.
Silker Someone who sewed the ends of the fabric to prevent the layers from separating.
Silk manufacturer The owner of a silk making factory
Silk Mercer Someone who sold silk cloth and items made from silk.
Silk Thrower or Throwster Someone who twisted silk into thread or yarn.
Silk Twister Someone who spins silk.
Silk Veloct Weaver
Silk Weaver Someone who wove silk.
Silk Weaveress A woman who wove silk.
Silk Winder Someone who wound silk.
Silversmith Someone who worked with silver.
Sinker Someone skilled who contracted to sink new shafts for coal mining.
Sissor A tailor.
Sizer Someone who applies size to textiles.
Skepper Someone who made or sold wicker or straw beehives.
Skin Dresser Someone who dresses animal skins.
Skin Dresser, Fur Someone who dresses animal fur.
Skinker A tapster in an alehouse.
Skinner A dealer in hides, or a mule driver.
Skipmaker Someone who made the skips used in mining and quarrying for moving men or materials to the surface.
Skipper master of a ship
Slaper or Slapper Someone who worked in a pottery preparing the clay for the potter.
Slater or Slatter A roofer or roof tiler who used slate tiles.
Slaymaker Someone who makes reeds or slays; instruments to part threads in weaving, for looms.
Slipper Binder
Slipper Maker
Slipper Maker Assistant
Slipper Sewer
Slopseller or Slop Seller Seller of ready-made clothes in a slop shop or a seller of baskets.
Slubber Someone who operated the machine used to prepare cotton for spinning.
Slubber Doffer Someone who removed the bobbins from the spindles in a mill.
Smallware Maker Someone who made smallware e.g. tapes, braids etc.
Smelter Someone who works in a metal smelter, or smelt fishermen.
Smiddy A smith.
Smith A metal worker
Smugsmith A smuggler.
Snobscat or Snob One who repaired shoes, a cobbler.
Snow Warden Someone who kept the snow flat
Snuffer Maker Someone who made candle snuffers.
Soap Boiler A soap maker.
Soap Licker (Boiler) A soap maker.
Sojourner Someone who was staying somewhere temporarily, i.e. just passing through.
Sojourner Clothier A travelling salesman in clothing.
Soldier Served in the army.
Sole Cutter (Boot) Someone who cut the soles for shoes and boots.
Solicitor A lawyer, a person qualified to carry out legal duties.
Soper A soap maker.
Sorter Tailor
Sortor Tailor
Souter A shoemaker.
Soyor A sawyer.
Spallier Someone who worked in a tin works performing the menial tasks.
Sperviter Someone who keeps sparrows.
Spicer Someone who deals in spices, a grocer.
Spinner Someone who spins yarn or fabric.
Spinster A woman who spins or an unmarried woman.
Spittleman A hospital attendant.
Splitter Someone who operated a splitting machine or a person who split things by hand e.g. stone, timber etc.
Splint Cutter Someone who cut splints.
Splint Setter Someone who set splints.
Spooner Someone who made spoons.
Spragger Someone who inserts a piece of wood (sprag) between the wheels of a lorry (truck) to bring it to a standstill.
Spurrer Someone who made spurs
Spurrier Someone who made spurs
Squarewright A cabinet maker.
Squire Country gentleman; farm owner; justice of peace; knight's attendant. Esquire
Stable Foreman Someone in charge of stables.
Stableman A groom.
Stabler An ostler
Stainer Someone who coloured glass or wood.
Stall Keeper Keeper of a market stall.
Stallman Keeper of a market stall.
Stamper Someone who operated a stamping machine.
Stampman Someone who operates an ore crushing machine.
Stasyon or Stawsun A stationer.
Stationary Engine Driver Someone who operated a steam engine which was used for pumping water or sewage, etc.
Stationary Engineer Someone who looks after machinery such as pumping engines or lifts/hoists.
Stationary Engine Stoker Someone who stoked a stationary engine.
Stationer A bookseller, seller of paper & writing implements.
Stationery Leade
Statist A politician.
Stay Maker, Dress A corset maker.
Steersman A ship's helmsman.
Stenterer Someone who operated the cloth finishing machine.
Step Boy Someone employed to help passengers to enter or leave the coach.
Stevedore labourer who unloads and loads ships' cargoes
Sticher Someone who does decorative stitching.
Stick Dresser Someone who dresses walking sticks.
Stick Finisher Someone who finishes walking sticks.
Stick Maker or Stickmaker Someone who made walking sticks.
Stick Manufacturer The owner of a walking stick making factory.
Stick Polisher Someone who polished walking sticks.
Stitcher Someone who does decorative stitching.
Stock & Share Broker Someone who dealt in stocks and shares.
Stockinger Someone who made stockings.
Stoker Someone who stoked the fire of a boiler.
Stokiner A weaver of stockings.
Stone Dresser Someone who dressed stone.
Stoneman A surveyor of highways.
Stone Mason A skilled craftsman who cut stone.
Stone Picker Someone employed to remove the stones from the farmers fields before planting.
Stone quarrier Someone who worked in a stone quarry
Stonewarden A surveyor of highways.
Stone Workers Someone who worked with stone e.g. masons, quarries etc.
Store Dresser Someone who dressed a shop window.
Stove Blocker
Stowyer Someone who stowed the nets away on fishing boats.
Stravaiger A vagrant.
Straw hat and bonnet maker Someone who made straw hats and bonnets.
Straw Joiner Someone who thatched roofs.
Straw Plaiter Someone who made straw braids for the hat industry.
Straw-plait manufacturer someone who owned a straw plait making factory.
Streaker Someone who prepared the body for burial.
Street Minstrel, Actor A busker basically.
Street Orderly A street cleaner.
Street Singer (Actor) A busker basically.
Street Sweeper Swept the streets.
Stretcher Someone who stretched fabrics in the textile trade, sometimes called a tenter.
Striker A blacksmith's assistant. Also in whaling, the one who harpooned the whale.
Stringer Someone who made the strings for bows.
String Seller, Rope Someone who sold string and rope.
Stripper Someone employed in the woollen trade to remove the rubbish from the carding machines.
Stripper in Tobacco Factory Stripped tobacco leaves.
Stuff gown or Stuffed Gown. Junior barrister. Stuff Gowsman is probably a misspelling
Stuff gownsman Junior barrister
Stuff Weaver Someone who wove stuff, the coarse part of flax.
Sucksmith Someone who made ploughshares.
Sugar Boiler Someone who boiled sugar.
Sugarer A sugar dealer.
Sugar Finer Someone who refined sugar.
Sugar Grocer Someone who sold sugar.
Sumner A summoner or apparitor.
Sumpter A porter.
Superintendant or Super A boss, someone in charge.
Supercargo Officer on merchant ship who is in charge of cargo and the commercial concerns of the ship
Surface Man Someone who worked at the surface of a mine.
Surgeon Gen Pract: Regd G.P. - a doctor
Surgeon, apothecary Someone who was qualified to carry out surgical operations.
Sutler A peddler or merchant in an army camp, one who supplies them with provisions.
Swailer A corn miller; a miller or a dealer in grain.
Sweep A chimney sweep
Sweeper Out Someone employed in the mills, and other industries, to keep the floor clean.
Sweet Stuff Vendor A confectioner, or a sweet shop.
Swell Maker Someone who made shallow baskets.
Swineyard or Swineherder Someone who keeps pigs.
Sword Cutler A sword maker.